Platform: iPhone/iPad

Genre: Platform/Puzzle

Price: £4.99

It's quite hypnotic getting to grips with the amorphous green blob that acts as the central "character" in Mushroom 11.

Your challenge is to guide the goo through a dark and inhospitable wasteland by deftly shaping it to navigate the obstacles before you.

For example, you might cut it in half to tackle multiple doors and switches, or stretch it into a bridge-like formation to conquer hefty gaps. Think Flubber without Eddie Murphy...

The control mechanics are simple and precise, which comes in handy as the obstacles become more troublesome. These include rockets and toxic acid, which will try your patience, but never really reach those hair-pulling moments where you'll regret spending the best part of a fiver on the app.

If you're looking for something a little different on your smartphone with great graphics, and an enjoyably in-game abstract atmosphere, Mushroom 11 could be the right game to push your buttons, or your chestnuts, or your shiitakes.

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