BT Web Protect: Learn more about BT’s free product to help keep you safe online

Help keep your family safe online with BT Web Protect – it takes minutes to set up and is available to all BT Broadband customers.

We want you to be safe online, so we’re offering all broadband customers the tools to help them stay safe online with two security products: BT Web Protect and BT Virus Protect.

In this article we are looking at BT Web Protect, but using the two products together will help keep you safe online.

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What is BT Web Protect?

BT Web Protect is a security product that helps you stay safe when you are browsing the internet. It warns you when you are visiting a potentially harmful website which could put you at risk of phishing attacks, viruses and scams.

How does it differ from BT Virus Protect?

BT Web Protect works at a network level, protecting all devices that connect to your home broadband and when you use a BT Wi-fi hotspot with your BT ID. You don’t need to download it, it just needs activating.

BT Virus Protect is an anti-virus software that helps protect individual devices from threats like viruses, phishing attacks, scams, spyware and other vulnerabilitites. Unlike BT Web Protect, you need to download and install it on devices you want to protect.

It guards against online threats and threats from other sources like USB drives and files downloaded. It works on any broadband connection.

Depending on your broadband package you will be able to use BT Virus Protect on either two or 15 computers or laptops. If you get two licences and want to use it on more devices, it costs £4 a month for 15 licences.

Activate BT Virus Protect

How does BT Web Protect work?

It works in the background, checking every website you visit, either at home through your BT Hub or if you are using a BT Wi-Fi hotspot and log in using your BT ID. If you visit a website it recognises as unsafe – by either compromising your personal data or harming your device – a warning will appear on screen.

It also alerts you if you click on an unsafe link, including those you may receive in emails.

If you think a site is safe, you can override BT Web Protect’s warning and continue there.

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What devices does it work on?

It works on all your devices – laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets – provided they are connected to your home network.

You don’t need to set it up individually on each device either. Once BT Web Protect is activated all devices that connect to your BT Broadband, or BT Wi-fi hotspot using your BT ID are protected.

Does it cost anything?

No, BT Web Protect is totally free to BT Broadband customers.

How do I get BT Web Protect?

BT Web Protect is very easy to start using, you don’t need to download anything, you just need to turn it on.

  1. Simply go to  and log into your BT account and you’ll be automatically activating BT Web Protect
  2. Or if you’re in MyBT, scroll down and click Manage your extras button.
  3. Under BT Web Protect click Set up BT Web Protect.
  4. A confirmation screen will appear and you’ll be protected within two hours.

Activate BT Web Protect

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