Microsoft Edge: What is Reading List on the new Windows 10 web browser and how does it work?

Using Edge’s Reading List feature you can save web pages for later – and you won’t even need an internet connection to view them.

It’s easy for the bookmarks on your web browser to become a bit of a dumping ground for anything you need to keep or read later.

In fact, it’s a little too easy - after a few months you might have accumulated links to hundreds of  pages, most of which you never got round to reading anyway.

Thankfully Microsoft has devised a better way of organising your surfing discoveries, and it goes by the name of Reading List.

Unlike bookmarks, which only save links to your favourite pages, Reading List saves the actual page on your device so you can read it at any time, whether you’re connected to the internet or not. 

The Reading List first arrived as a separate app on Windows 8.1, but now Microsoft has integrated it with Windows 10’s web browser Edge.

Read on to find out exactly what Reading List can do for you and how to use it.

If you’re completely new to Edge and need to find your way around first, click here for our beginner’s basics to Edge.

What is Reading List?

Reading List is an area designed for you to save articles offline – you can save any web page of your choosing.

What is the purpose of Reading List?

Reading List saves articles offline so that you can read them on the move. So, if you read something interesting on your laptop at home, you can add it to the reading list and continue reading it when you’re on the train, even without an internet connection.

When logged into a Microsoft account it also means that you can sync your Reading List to other Windows 10 devices, such as a Windows 10 Mobile, so you can read it on the move too.

How do I add something to Reading List?

Open the web page you’d like to add to the Reading List and click the star icon near the address bar. Click Reading List below, then Add.

Microsoft Edge's Reading List

How do I access everything I’ve saved in Reading List?

To see all your previous reading list items from a PC, click on the second star icon next to the address bar.

Then click the second icon along which looks like a stack of books.

Microsoft Edge's Reading List

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How do I sync my Reading List with a smartphone or tablet?

Your smartphone or tablet will have to have the Microsoft Edge app installed to be able to sync your Reading List – and you’ll need to be using Microsoft Edge and be signed into the same Microsoft account on all devices for it to work.

When you sync, anything you add to the Reading List (or the favourites) will automatically appear on your other devices.

First up, you’ll need to be online on all devices for the sync to carry out. Then you’ll need to make sure Edge is set to sync.

To do this, go to the More actions menu (the one with the three dots) and click Settings.

Microsoft Edge's Reading List

 Scroll down to ‘Sync your favourites and reading list’ where you should ensure it is switched On.

Microsoft Edge's Reading List

Give it a few minutes, and any saved pages in the Reading List should appear on all your Windows 10 devices soon.

Don’t forget to use Reading View too

For some articles you can activate Reading View, which removes surrounding images and other elements from a web page, showing just the text to make the article easier to read.

Simply click the book icon next to the address bar at the top right to do this.

Microsoft Edge's Reading List

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