A robot that can be used for riot control and comes complete with an electric charge to zap protesters has been revealed in China.

The robot has been hailed as the country’s first “intelligent security robot” and also contains an SOS button for people to notify police as well as the electric “riot control tool”.

The 1.5 metre high robot is capable of doing 11 miles per hour and going for around eight hours on a single charge. Built by China’s National Defence University, the robot is controlled remotely but it also filled with a range of sensors to help it to identify obstacles as well as people and sounds.

Social media users were quick to compare the bot to the Daleks from Doctor Who, while US intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted a photo of the robot alongside the caption “surely this will end well.”

Riot control robot

China is the world’s biggest producer of robots, with demand for them in the business and service industry.

Earlier this month it was revealed a small chain of restaurants had opened in the country that used robots as waiting staff. However, two of the restaurants were closed and another removed all of the artificial staff after they were found to be poor at many tasks and unable to do several others.