The world has been given a first glimpse of the SpotMini robot's powers from Boston Dynamics…

In a teaser video posted to YouTube by the company on Tuesday, the SpotMini was shown prancing up to a door and then appearing to be flummoxed by a closed door.

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A second robot trots over, and uses an arm on its head to open the door and let its 'friend' through. 

The video follows footage that was posted in November where the "new" SpotMini was unveiled. With a yellow plastic outer casing and smooth, lifelike movements, the latest iteration of the electric robot trots up to the camera, seems to look directly at it, and jogs away.

The 24-second clip is captioned “For more information… stay tuned”.

A previous version of the robot had a large “arm” on the top of it, which contained sensors to help the robot judge its surroundings. The new version is much more streamlined and more similar to an actual dog in appearance.

Boston Dynamics was formerly owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, but was sold to Japanese firm SoftBank in August. Evidently this has not affected production, judging by the unveiling of SpotMini on Monday.

You may recognise the sort-of-cute robot from a video which showed the robot’s makers testing its balance by kicking it back in 2015. Luckily this latest video doesn’t contain any such robot cruelty.

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