How to get faster speeds and double data on your mobile phone

BT Plus brings you our best connection in and out of the home. Discover why you should choose us for your mobile and fibre broadband.

We recently introduced a new offering called BT Plus. Join us for fibre broadband and 4G mobile and you can enjoy some brilliant benefits.

BT Plus provides our best fibre connection experience, with our unlimited monthly broadband usage you can stream, play games online and download as much as you like.

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Take your mobile with us - whether it’s a handset, SIM-only or Family SIM plan - and you can enjoy even more extra features.

With our Mobile Data Boost, each phone on your BT Plus account will get double data every month, so you and your family can do more of the things you love, whether it’s watching YouTube, listening to music or just browsing the web.

You’ll also get an upgrade to our fastest 4G speed – speeds can reach a maximum of 60Mbps* which means you can download apps and music more quickly and pictures will take less time to upload.

With BT Plus you get our Keep Connected Promise. In the unlikely event your broadband stops working, we’ll send you a Mini Hub powered by 4G, which provides a signal you can connect your devices to until we fix the issue.  

Within an hour of reporting the fault, we’ll also turn on Broadband Backup providing free unlimited data on all the phones on your Plus account, so you can use your handset and share your connection with other devices, such as laptops and tablets, without worrying about running out of data.

Our Dedicated UK and Ireland-based support team are here to help with your queries.**

With BT Broadband you can get access to five million wi-fi hotspots around the UK using the BT Wi-fi app, so you can stay connected away from home without using your data.

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* With Extra Speed 4G, the maximum speed available through the network is capped at 60 Mbps rather than 30 Mbps on our standard 4G. The speeds you get on your phone will be lower, and depend on things like the number of users, distance from the mast and the type of 4G phone you have.** We will have a dedicated support team in UK and Ireland on hand to help. Make sure you either ring us on 150 from your landline or BT Mobile, or enter your landline number when prompted. We'll recognise you're a Plus customer straightaway and put you through to the right team. There may be exceptional circumstances where we have to route your call outside of the UK and Ireland to deal with your call quicker.  93% of calls dealt with in UK and Ireland, some specialist teams are located offshore

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