BT Smart Hub: Enjoy faster wi-fi with fewer dropped connections, throughout your home

Our Smart Hubs are packed with technology to help you enjoy faster wi-fi with fewer dropped connections, throughout your home. .

Updated Nov 2018 with new Smart Hub information

Our Smart Hub (above) is the UK’s most powerful wi-fi hub*, and better than ones from the other big broadband providers. So you’ll enjoy fast wi-fi signal that goes further around the home

Smart Hub features:

Intelligent design – 7 antenna are uniquely positioned to maximise wi-fi performance

Best wi-fi tech – the latest wi-fi technology ensures more devices can get a superfast connection at the same time

Smart channel selection – all your devices auto connect to the fastest wi-fi channel and frequency available

Smart scan – continually scans to see how well your hub and network connection is performing and reboots itself if there’s a problem.

If you have Complete Wi-Fi or Ultrafast Plus you can get our next generation Smart Hub (below).  It’s our smartest hub yet and is future-proofed to deliver fast speeds throughout the home.

BT Smart Hub 2

Next-generation Smart Hub features

Smart set-up - guides you through set up in just a couple of minutes

Device attach – simply connect phones and tables with a QR code

Manage settings – change your network name and password to something more memorable

Signal checker – check the strength of your wi-fi signal in every room

Speeds tests – check both broadband line and device speeds

Network status - view the status of your network and all connected devices

Hub restart – remotely restart your hub

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*Compared to routers from other major broadband providers in the UK.


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