BT Smart Hub router gets thumbs up from industry experts

"The fastest, best router you can get from an ISP." Technology journalists gave their verdict on the our original BT Smart Hub.

Updated November 2018 with new Smart Hub information

We’re very proud of the BT Smart Hub, which has the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal.

The BT Smart Hub is packed with smart technology to make your home wi-fi even better, including more antennas than any other router from a major broadband provider in the UK, the latest wi-fi technology, built-in filters, Smart Scan and Smart Wireless.

Industry experts have been giving their stamp of approval to the BT Smart Hub.

PC Advisor describes the BT Smart Hub as: "The fastest, best router you can get from an ISP."

The review goes on to add the Smart Hub is:"Hands-down the best router BT has ever produced."

Stuff.TV lists four reasons you’ll want the new BT Smart Hub as: “it’ll go the distance”, “it’s super-fast”, “it’s more robust” and “it’s smarter than smart”.

BT Smart Hub front

Technology website Alpha describes the BT Smart Hub as: “a brilliant product, and it’s a fabulous bargain to boot.” The review goes on to add: “The BT Smart Hub is a winner. It's an excellent router in its own right, and a huge upgrade.”

Trusted Reviews is impressed by the technical features, especially the Hub’s use of the latest wireless standards:  “The Smart Hub ….comes loaded with pretty much every standard and frequency under the sun…. The Hub will run on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, meaning you’ll be able to connect legacy and new hardware to it worry-free.”

The same technology website also praised Smart Scan, describing it as “awesome” and adding: “it means the Hub should always be running on the best, most interference-free channel available.”

BT Smart Hub back

Expert Reviews describes it as: “incredibly fast and great value”. The site concludes: “For BT customers, it's well worth upgrading to, particularly if you're on a fast fibre connection.”

USwitch says the Smart Hub is a: “major upgrade from the Home Hub 5. It’s faster, wider-ranging and transmits signals through walls better than before.

“Perhaps its real sell, though, is that it’s future-proofed and is better equipped for homes of the future that are likely to be even more packed with internet-connected smartphones, consoles and laptops and cope with demanding services and technology, such as 4K TV.”

Introducing our next-generation Smart Hub 2

If you have Complete Wi-Fi or Ultrafast Plus you’ll get our next generation Smart Hub (below), It’s our smartest hub yet and is future-proofed to deliver fast speeds throughout the home.

Find out more about the BT Smart Hub and new Smart Hub 

BT Smart Hub 2

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