Ultrafast Fibre: Get our 100 Mb speed guarantee and the best connection with BT Plus

With our new fibre broadband offering you can download a HD movie in under six minutes, and if speeds drop under 100 Mb you can claim £20!

We’re transforming the home broadband market with Ultrafast Fibre, the first and only fibre broadband with a 100 Mb guarantee!

Ultrafast Fibre is always fast – it’s 10x faster than the UK’s average standard broadband speed at peak times. What separates us from competitors is that we are the only broadband provider with a 100 Mb guarantee.* No more “up to” speeds, we will guarantee you are getting the speeds you pay for.  We’re so confident you can rely on Ultrafast Fibre, you can claim £20 compensation if your speed falls below 100 Mb!**

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Upgrade to Ultrafast Fibre and you can enjoy speeds of 100 Mb, so everyone in your house can do what they love online – whether it’s streaming movies, making video calls or online gaming.

You can download an HD movie in under six minutes, instead of waiting an hour with standard broadband at peak times.Ultrafast is incredibly easy to set up – an engineer will do it for you to ensure the connection is the best it can be.

Get more with BT Plus

With BT Plus join us for fibre broadband - like Ultrafast - and mobile and you and your family can enjoy some brilliant benefits and our best connection in and out of the home.

BT Plus broadband benefits include: Fast speeds, unlimited data and dedicated UK and Ireland-based support***.  With our Keep Connected Promise we will get you back online quickly in the unlikely event your broadband stops working, by sending you a Mini Hub, which you can connect your devices to until the issue is resolved.

With Plus, join us for mobile as well and you can unlock some other benefits including: double data on each mobile with us, our fastest 4G speeds and in the event of home broadband problems we’ll switch on free unlimited data within an hour of the fault being report to all your phones, so you can stay connected.

BT is available in three packages, Ultrafast Fibre Plus, Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus and Superfast Fibre Plus. Existing customers can move to either of these plans to get Plus. 

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BT Broadband Extras

You’ll get our Smart Hub, which has the UK’s most powerful Wi-fi signal****, unlimited usage, UK weekend calls and BT Call Protect to protect against nuisance calls.

With BT Broadband you get brilliant extras including free wi-fi at 5 million wi-fi hotspots around the UK, 1000 GB of BT Cloud storage to back up your photos, movies and documents, BT Virus Protect to help you avoid viruses, scams and phishing attacks and BT Parental Controls.

To get Ultrafast, our fastest fibre broadband visit bt.com/ultrafast

*100 Mb Ultrafast Fibre is 10 x faster than the UK’s average standard broadband speed at peak time (8 – 10 pm), Ofcom UK Home Broadband Performance Report, March 2017. HD download comparison based on 4.1GB HD movie, 100 Mbps Ultrafast Fibre speed and 10 Mbps average peak time speak for standard broadband. Single user. Minimum device requirements apply. **Speed guarantee: Up to four claims per year. Check your speed using the MyBT app, at bt.com/fasterspeeds or by calling 0800 150 150. Excludes outages, connection faults and home wiring outside of BT’s control. You’ll receive a £20 prepaid gift card within 30 days of a successful claim. Activate within 90 days.***93% of calls dealt with in UK and Ireland, some specialist teams are located offshore  **** Vs other broadband providers.

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