Get online for free! Everything you need to know about BT Wi-fi

If you get your broadband or mobile phone from BT, you can get free wi-fi, so you can update Facebook, check the football results and more. Here’s everything you need to know.

Being a BT customer has many benefits, including free anti-virus software with BT Virus Protect and the ability to block nuisance calls with BT Call Protect for customers. Another advantage for mobile and broadband customers is free wi-fi.

BT has the largest number of wi-fi hotspots in the UK – an incredible 5 million. BT Broadband and BT Mobile customers can use these hotspots without paying anything extra as part of your brillliant extras. This means you can get online away from home using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Where are BT Wi-fi hotspots?

BT has 5 million wireless hotspots around the UK, these are located throughout the UK in towns, cities and villages.

Premium hotspots are in coffee shops, railway stations, shopping centres and Welcome Break service stations, along with Thistle, Hilton and Hastings hotels.

How much does BT Wi-fi cost?

If you are a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, BT Wi-fi hotspots are free to use.

Even if you aren’t a BT customer, you can still use our hotspots. Choose to pay as you go in hourly, daily, five-day or 30-day increments, or you can opt for a three-month or 12-month subscription: with this option you’ve got the convenience of the BT Wi-fi app.

BT Wi-fi prices PAYG August 2017

What’s the BT Wi-fi app?

The BT Wi-fi app enables you to get online out and about using your smartphone or tablet. It’s free to download using the links below.

BT Wi-fi app find hotspot

The app will help find a hotspot – you can even get directions to one that’s convenient to you. Once you’ve set up the app, it can connect to a BT Wi-fi hotspot automatically.

How do I login to BT Wi-fi?

To login to BT Wi-fi you need your BT ID, this is your username and password which you use to log-into other BT services such as My BT or the BT Mobile app.

How do I use the BT Wi-fi on a laptop?

It’s incredibly easy to log into a BT Wi-fi hotspots.                        

  1. Look for available wi-fi networks on your device. Look for BT Wi-fi or BT Wifi-with-Fon.  
  2. Connect to the network.
  3. Launch your browser and enter your BT ID.

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How do I use BT Wi-fi on a smartphone?

Mobile phone users have two ways to get online

1: Connect using the BT Wi-fi app.

This is the best way to go online; you can use it to find your nearest hotspot and even get directions there.

For more details read our article: How to use the BT Wi-fi app to connect to hotspots for free

2: Connect manually  

Alternatively, you can get online directly. Search on your device’s wi-fi control panel for BT Wi-fi or BT Wifi-with-Fon.

Open your browser, select BT Wi-fi from the drop-down list and log in with your details.

What happens if I forget my BT Wi-fi password?

If you forget your password, don’t worry.  Just head to the Forgot your password? page and reset your password.

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How do I find a BT Wi-fi hotspot?

Head to the BT Wi-fi website, enter your location and you’ll see a list of hotspots. You can even filter results by category, such as Pubs and Bars or Leisure facilities, to find the closest hotspots to you.

BT Wi-fi hotspot map

When you launch the BT W-fi app on your phone, it will use your location to find your nearest hotspot. Alternatively, enter a location to find the nearest hotspot.

Can I use BT Wi-fi abroad?

If you are a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer you can access 18 million hotspots around the world.

To do this you need to search for a wi-fi network with the word ‘FON’. Then login by prefixing the words ‘BT/’ to your BT ID user name. Find out more

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