Is technology distracting your child? We’ve got expert tips to help

Research from BT shows that parents across the country struggle to get their children to put their gadgets down and focus on homework.

As we get closer to winter, children and young people will be spending more time indoors, which usually means more time on connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Recent research* from BT Whole Home Wi-Fi found that nearly two-thirds of parents say things such as online gaming, messaging and social networks make it hard for their children to concentrate on homework.  Getting kids to turn off devices isn’t always easy, 25% of parents surveyed admitted to regularly arguing with their children.

Internet Matters, a not-for-profit e-safety organisation dedicated to keeping children safe online, has created some tips to help parents handle such challenges – and keep households harmonious.

Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters says being connected can be a huge distraction for children: “Children respond well to clear boundaries, so having a routine of when they can go online and when they can’t helps prevent that common tug of war over the tablet or games console.”

Internet Matters top tips for parents

  1. Agree a routine and appropriate length of time children can be online
  2. Put in place a family agreement to set the boundaries – don’t break them!
  3. Use technology and apps like BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi to manage screen time and Wi-Fi access, especially at bedtimes
  4. Talk together about the time you spend online
  5. Get the whole family to unplug and create ‘screen free zones’
  6. Set a good example with your own device use

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi put parents in charge of when their children can go online. They can pause the internet on individual devices, see who is online at any time and set up times when wi-fi is turned off for certain users, so children can focus on their homework or go to sleep .

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