Which broadband package do you need?

Whether you want to stream HD movies, watch BT Sport, play games online or check your email, we’ve got a broadband offering for you.

When choosing a broadband package, it’s important to think about what you’ll be using it for.  Everyone uses the internet in different ways: some people love watching TV such as BT TV and Netflix, others send emails and browse the web, while some use it for online gaming.

 Answer the questions below to find out which of our broadband packages is right for you. 

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What do you use broadband for most of the time?

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Gaming (playing online and downloading):  Online gaming services like Xbox Live can be data-intensive, so opt for a broadband standard streaming, so you need an unlimited data package. HD streaming is also bandwidth-intensive, so we’d suggest fibre optic Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited or Superfast Fibre Plus which offers average speeds of 67Mbps and unlimited data usage.

package with unlimited usage. You’ll also want fast speeds and low latency (this is the delay between you pressing a button and the command being actioned in the game), so fibre optic Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited or Superfast Fibre Plus are the best options, with average speeds of 67Mbps.

Streaming TV or movies in HD: Streaming or downloading in High Definition using a service like Netflix uses more data than Non-HD Streaming and catch-up TV: If you mainly use your broadband for watching TV shows on BT TV or iPlayer and aren’t bothered about watching in high definition, opt for fibre optic Superfast Fibre Unlimited. It offers unlimited usage, so you don’t have to worry about going over your allowance, and average speeds of 50Mbps.

Email and web browsing: Activities like email and web browsing use less bandwidth, so you don’t need the fastest speeds. With average speeds of 10Mbps, Broadband Unlimited could be the package for you and if you are online a lot it offers unlimited monthly usage. For faster speeds (average of 36Mbps) Superfast Fibre Essential might be more suitable, although it has a usage cap of 30GB so is best for light use.

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Do you ever go over your monthly usage allowance?

Yes: You could be charged for exceeding your monthly allowance, but with Superfast Fibre Unlimited, Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited, Superfast Fibre Plus, BT Unlimited Broadband and Broadband Unlimited you get unlimited monthly use, so you can go online without worrying about your data allowance.

Which of these packages you choose depends how you plan to use your broadband. For browsing and emailing Superfast Fibre Essential will be fine, while Superfast Fibre Unlimited is the right choice for streaming and catch-up TV and Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited or Superfast Fibre Plus are great for gaming and HD streaming.

No: If your broadband use isn’t intensive – so you don’t online game or stream in HD - with a monthly usage cap of 30GB Superfast Fibre Essential is a good choice. Remember you can check how much data you've used at My BT.

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Do lots of people in your house use the internet at the same time?

Yes: If different people are going online simultaneously using tablets, laptops, phones and games consoles, you’ll all be completing for bandwidth, which can slow the internet down considerably. To avoid this, opt for fibre optic broadband like Superfast Fibre Unlimited, Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited or Superfast Fibre Plus, which offer faster bandwidth with average speeds of 50Mbps and 67Mbps respectively, so more people can go online without slowing down. These packages also offer unlimited monthly usage, so you don’t have to monitor what other family members are doing online and worry about going over your data allowance.

No:  If you don’t have to worry about other people using sharing your bandwidth, Broadband Unlimited offers speeds up to 10Mbps, which is suitable if for browsing, email and social media and doesn’t have a usage cap. Superfast Fibre Essential broadband offers average speeds of 36Mbps, but comes with a 30GB monthly usage cap, so you’ll need to ensure you don’t go over your allowance.

Get more with BT Plus

BT Plus has arrived, by having your fibre broadband and mobile with us you and your family can enjoy some brilliant benefits and our best connection in and out of the home.

BT Plus broadband benefits include: Fast speeds, unlimited data, our Keep Connected Promise to get you back online quickly if your broadband stops working and dedicated UK and Ireland-based support.

With Plus, join us for mobile as well and you can unlock some other benefits including: double data on each mobile with us, our fastest 4G speeds and in the event of home broadband problems we’ll switch on free unlimited data within an hour of the fault being report to all your phones, so you can stay connected.

BT is available in three packages, Superfast Fibre Plus, Ultrafast Fibre Plus and Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus. Existing customers can move to either of these plans to get Plus. Find out more about BT Plus 

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