Block spam and organise your inbox: BT Mail tips and tricks

Our email is packed with features to help you organise and personalise your inbox. Find out how to get the most out of BT Mail.

Millions of people use BT email every day to stay in touch with family, to share photos and to work.

But however often you log into your BT Mail account, there are some useful features you might not realise exist which give you flexibility over the way your inbox looks, the emails you send and the emails you receive.

We’ve recently refreshed BT Mail, giving it a new look that will be rolling out to all customers soon. You'll need to make sure you are using the following browsers: IE11, Edge, Chrome 60+, Firefox 52+ and Safari 10+, so if you are using an older browser, you'll need to update it first.

Here are our nine top BT Mail tips…

Tip 1: Choose an Inbox layout that works for you

By default, your BT Mail Inbox is set up with the messages listed on the left; just click a subject line to read the email on the right. You can change the layout by clicking the ‘Change View’ button on the right.

Choose between Right, Below, None and Attachment.

BT Mail screenshot showing changing the interface

Tip: 2: Want more space? Hide the advert

On the right-hand side of your email screen, you’ll notice an advert. If you would like to hide it, simply click the little arrow that says ‘Hide Advertisement’ and it will collapse.

BT Mail hide advert


Tip 3: Organise your emails using folders

If you have lots of emails landing in your inbox, it doesn’t take long for it to fill up, making finding an important email far harder than it should be. The easiest way to organise your email is by creating folders.

Hold your mouse over Inbox on the left-hand side and tick the ‘+’ box. In the pop-up box that appears, give your folder a name.

BT Mail screenshot add folder


When you receive an email, move it into the correct folder by clicking it. A red icon will appear which says ‘1 selected row.’ Drag it into the folder and you’ll be on your way to a tidier inbox.

Tip 4: Take control of your inbox and get rid of spam

There will be occasions when you get unwanted emails. This could be a company you have bought something from in the past who have your details on their mailing list, or they may be 'spam' emails - unsolicited junk messages sent in bulk.

Fortunately, if you do get a spam email, it’s easy to manage. Tick the box next to the email and click the drop-down arrow next to More.

BT Mail screenshot spam

Choose Mark as spam to move the message to your spam folder, or Block sender if you don’t want to receive emails from the sender again.

Tip 5: Create a safe list with your favourite contacts

There may be some mailing lists you're happy to stay on, and you can create a ‘safe’ list of people and companies you want to continue receiving emails from. To add a sender to your safe list:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Look for Mail on the right-hand side
  3. Click Safe Senders

For individuals enter their full email address, while for companies you can just enter a domain like - any email sent from an address that ends with that domain will then arrive safely in your inbox.

BT Mail safe sender screenshot

Tip 6: Off on holiday? Set an auto-reply

Setting up an automatic reply when you go away isn’t just for your work email. It’s a simple way of letting your contacts know you won’t get back to them straight away, or you can leave contact details for how they can contact you in an emergency.

Click your email address on the right-hand side and go to Settings.

BT Mail settings optoin

On the right-hand side click Mail and Auto-reply.

Once you have clicked Enable auto-reply, set the Start/End date and enter a message. In the box underneath, tick Send a reply once to each sender, which means you don’t fill up your contact’s inbox by sending multiple replies.

BT Mail auto reply options

You’ll see an option called Domains. Here you can send a different response to emails from specific domains, such as shopping websites like or, or perhaps a company you work for. This feature is useful if you want your automatic reply to be different for personal and professional contacts.

Tip 7: Keep track of emails the easy way

Sometimes you might like to share your incoming emails with a family member or partner.

Auto forward lets you send all incoming emails automatically to another address. You can keep it on all the time, or just for a temporary period.

Within Settings, click Mail – Auto-forward. Select the tick-box next to Enable Auto-forward and enter the names of the email addresses you want to forward email too.

BT Mail autoforward screenshot

Tip 8: Keep things personal with a signature

Setting up a signature lets you give additional contact information to each person you email, without you having to enter it each time. This could include your full name, phone number, postal address or Twitter handle.

Set this up in under Settings – Mail – Signatures.  Tick the box that says Include signature and click Add.

In the pop-up box give your signature a Name - this is purely for your reference. Then enter information you want to include in your email in the Signature box.

Tick the ‘Set as default’ box to use it in all emails.BT Mail screenshot signature

When you compose an email, click the drop-down menu next to Signature and choose the signature you want to use. If you’ve set it as default, you don’t need to do anything.

BT Mail signature screenshot

Tip 9: Add attachments to emails in seconds

It’s easy to share your photos with family and friends using BT Mail. Simply drag the picture onto the email from your files and it will upload and appear at the top.

BT Mail screenshot signature

This method also works for other files such as documents and PDFs. The maximum size you can send in one email is 25Mb.

Log into your BT Mail and explore these features!

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