Say goodbye to deadspots: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi brings wi-fi to your whole home

From gaming in the bedroom to video calls in the attic - connect your entire house with BT’s intelligent wi-fi network you control from the palm of your hand.

If you want to boost your home wi-fi we've got a product that gives you faster, reliable wi-fi in every room of your home.

The first of its kind in the UK, Whole Home Wi-Fi is designed to give you complete wi-fi coverage around your home - even in places where you can’t usually get a wi-fi signal.

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The system consists of three repeater discs you place around your home, each with four powerful dual-band antennas. The discs have a sleek, contemporary design including lights you can dim or even turn off to stop unwanted light in bedrooms and halls.

As you move from room to room using your gadgets, the self-configuring network swaps you to the strongest, fastest and most reliable signal. So your family can play games, watch your favourite TV programmes and stream music in every room – you can even make video calls and stream video while walking around.

Whole Home Wi-Fi discs

Control the Whole Home Wi-Fi system using a mobile app, which includes a step-by-step guide that shows you the optimum place to put each disc for the most effective coverage.

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The app shows what is connected to each of the discs, so you can see who is online. You can also use it to temporarily pause the internet if it’s homework or meal time and you want some offline time.
Whole Home Wi-Fi app
Erik Raphael, director, BT Devices and BT Wi-fi, said: “We all know how important it is for people to get a great wi-fi experience at home and how annoying it can be when you don’t get that.   
“Whole Home Wi-Fi is the first product of its kind to be launched in the UK. Its contemporary design will look great in any home and leads the way in wi-fi technology and performance.... andd the app puts you firmly in control of your home network.”
The system works straight out of the box and one-touch software updates means you have the latest firmware and security updates.
Whole Home Wi-Fi is available now from the BT Shop

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