Google unveils Home Hub smart speaker and new tablet

The tech giant has refreshed most of its flagship hardware lines.

Press Association
Last updated: 11 October 2018 - 10.45am

Google has unveiled a new screen-enabled smart home speaker, the Google Home Hub, along with the Pixel Slate tablet.

Google Home Hub smart speaker responds to voice commands like other smart home devices but also features a display from which users can access news and weather information visually, as well as watch YouTube videos, use Google Maps and control other smart home devices.

The tech giant’s Diya Jolly said the company also made a conscious decision not to include a camera to respect user privacy.

It will go on sale at the end of October, costing £139.

The Hub is Google’s answer to the Echo Show, Amazon’s smart speaker with a built-in display which was introduced last year.

Google also announced a new tablet, the Pixel Slate, which runs on the company’s own Chrome OS and has an attachable keyboard.

The device contains virtual helper Google Assistant and will be released in the UK later this year, Google confirmed.

It will go on sale at the end of November, starting at £549.

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