How a doorbell fitted with a camera and microphone could protect your home

The Ring Video Doorbell detects close movements and streams live video and audio directly to your smartphone.

If you’re worried about strangers on your doorstep while you’re at work or on holiday, a new smart doorbell could provide some reassurance.

The Ring Video Doorbell streams live video and audio from a HD camera, via your home Wi-Fi, directly to your smartphone or tablet as soon as motion is detected within 30 feet.

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In February 2018, Reuters reported that retail giant Amazon is buying Ring in a billion dollar deal, in a move that suggests the importance of this smart home technology. 

Powerful sensors are able to cover a 180-degree field of view, while infrared LEDs allow the device to see anyone lurking in the night. If you miss an alert, footage can be recorded and watched back later for an extra monthly or annual charge.

Should someone you’re expecting turn up, such as a courier, you can also chat back to them and say where they can safely leave your parcel.

The Ring Video Doorbell is available to buy directly from Ring online for £179.

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