Buckingham Palace, Whitehall and Piccadilly Circus are iconic London monuments, but if you’ve ever wondered how they’ve changed over the last century, a new online tool lets you find out.

Using images from Google Maps along with historical photos, holiday booking website Expedia has created an interactive experience called Historic London.

The site displays of a map of London highlighting 14 famous landmarks and locations. Click on a marker to view an image of it today taken using Google’s Street View cameras, overlaid by a photo from a bygone era.

From the women’s Edwardian clothes as they walk past Buckingham Palace in 1908, to horses and carts on Oxford Circus in 1904, Historical London gives a fascinating insight into the way the capital has changed.

Try it out below.


Historic London by Expedia.co.uk

Is there any landmark you’d like to see added to ‘Historical London?’ Let us know in the Comments section below.