Smart devices are transforming our homes, allowing us to control our heating, lighting, and entertainment systems using our PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Could modern life get any easier? It certainly could, thanks to a new breed of intelligent personal assistants which let you control all your smart devices – and more – using just your voice.

Amazon Echo is the market-leading intelligent personal assistant right now, but there’s a new player in the game from an equally big name – Google Home and it's set to launch on April 6th.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant that was recently launched by Google.

It’s essentially a wireless speaker which responds to questions and requests whenever you say “OK Google”.

Google works with your existing digital services – such as Spotify – and any smart home products you may own, for example Philips’ Hue lighting or a smart heating system like Next.

What can Google Home do?

Using Google Home, you can control smart home devices with your voice. So you could switch off the lights with Philips Hue, choose something to watch on Google Chromecast and turn up the heating with Nest, all by speech alone.

Google’s own products, such as Google Play Music and YouTube Music, work with Google Home too.

Which apps and products work with Google Home?

These are the apps and products currently supported by Google Home, but availability and choice will vary from country to country.

Google Play Music

YouTube Music




Nest Thermostats

Phillips Hue

Samsung SmartThings


Belkin Wemo


Google Chromecast





Bang & Olufson

B&O Play


Polk Audio



Google Photos

Google Calendar

Google Keep

Mad Libs

When is Google Home released in the UK?

Google Home was released to the US in November 2016 and will be available in the UK on April 6th.

How much does Google Home cost?

It will be priced £129 in the UK from Google.

What alternatives are there to Google Home?

Amazon Echo is the current leader in intelligent personal assistant speakers. Read about all the Amazon Echo here.