Among the many great uses of the internet, the vast amount of information available makes it an incredible resource when doing research.

Whether you’re compiling notes for a university paper, doing some work research or looking up something of personal interest, there’s so much out there on the web. But collating notes around all the information isn’t quite as easy as it is on paper – and printing it all can be costly.

Thankfully web browsers like Microsoft Edge are including new note-making features which allow you to draw on web pages and store them.

For those unaware, Microsoft Edge is the company’s new web browser which comes with Windows 10. This guide shows you how to use the Web Note feature but if you’re looking to get some info on the basics first, click here.

Where can I find Web Note on Microsoft Edge?

Web Note is situated at the top right of Edge, as shown below.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

Annotating with Web Note

There are three ways you can annotate with Web Note: using the pen, the highlighter or typed notes.

The pen feature works best with a touch screen (especially if you’re using a stylus too). You can use this feature with a mouse too but it is a little fiddly – if you don’t have a touch screen it’s easier to stick with typed notes instead.

The highlighter works fine with or without a touch screen.

1: Using the pen on Web Note

The pen is the second icon along the top left in Web Note mode.

Selecting it automatically switches on a yellow pen, which you can then use to draw and write what you like on the current web page – you can even scroll down and everything remains in place. Again, you can use a mouse, but it’s very fiddly.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

Hit the pen button again and you’ll get a selection of colours to choose from, as well as three different sizes.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

2: Using the highlighter on Web Note

The highlighter can be found next to the pen icon. It works well with or without a touch screen. Simply touch and drag along the area you wish to highlight.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

Selecting the highlighter icon again brings up a choice of alternative colours, as well as different sizes.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

3: Using typed notes on Web Note

Typed notes are better if you’re on a PC without a touch screen. You can add them by clicking the fifth icon along the top left.

A pointer will appear, allowing you to choose where the box appears. You can then type away and click the numbered box next to it to collapse the note.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

4: Taking a screenshot on Web Note

You can take screenshots using the clip icon on Web Note – this is useful if you wish to copy something like some instructions with images, or to keep something as evidence.

The screenshot feature allows you to take an exact shot from a selected part of your screen, which you can then paste into a document.

Simply select the sixth icon along and drag across the area of interest.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

5: Deleting an annotation on Web Note

The fourth icon along is an eraser that allows you to remove any pen or highlighter annotation you like.

With the eraser on, simply select the annotation that you wish to delete and it’ll disappear.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

If you want to clear all pen and highlighter notes, touch the eraser icon again and select Clear all ink.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

Saving your Web Note

On the right side, you’ll see a save icon that allows you to keep your annotations either on OneNote, in your Favourites or in your Reading List.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

Choosing OneNote will keep a copy of your Web Note stored in Microsoft’s dedicated note-taking app. If you wish to keep your Web Note this way, select it, then hit the Save button.

Selecting Favourites will add the annotated web page to your favourites folder, allowing you to go back to it later to do more. If you want to go down this route, select Add.

Finally, adding to the Reading List will keep a saved copy of your Web Note in your browser which you can then view offline.


Sharing on Web Note

You can also share any Web Notes you make with friends, family and colleagues. This can be useful if you find something interesting in a local news article you wish to share with family for example, or if you find an important statistic you need to show a work colleague.

Using Web Note on Microsoft Edge

The share icon can be found next to the save button. When you select it, a number of options will appear such as Mail and Twitter.

It will then open the relevant app for you, cutting out a lot of processes to save you time.


Want some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge? Click here and watch the video below for even more.

How are you finding Microsoft Edge so far? Share your thoughts below.