My BT: Plan and manage payments for your BT products the easy way

From setting up direct debits to managing payments, discover how you can take care of all your BT bills using My BT.

If you are a BT customer it's incredibly easy to manage your acount using My BT, which lets you view your bill and check usage at any time.

You can use My BT to make payments and set up automated payment methods, such a direct debit or a monthly payment plan. You can even use it to edit them if they have already been set up.

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Read on to find out easy it is to control your BT account.

Making a payment

Have you ever considered paying online? It gives you piece of mind and you’ll get confirmation of your payment sent automatically to your email.

1: Log into My BT and click Manage bill settings.

My BT Manage Bill Settings

2: Under What you owe click Make payment.

My BT What you owe

3: Enter the amount you want to pay and click Continue. On the next screen, enter your card details and wait for verification. 

Tell us how you paid

If you pay by post, you can let BT know your payment is on its way.

1: Go to and enter your BT account number and postcode to let us know that the bill is in the post.

My BT tell when paid

2: Alternatively, when your bill is due log into My BT and click Manage Bill Settings.

3: On the billing overview page, look for the option Tell Us You Paid. Confirm your account number and the next screen you’ll see an acknowledgement that BT is expecting your payment.

Planning your payments

Set up Direct Debit

To pay your bill automatically you can set up a direct debit. The advantage of this is that you bill will be paid on time and is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

1: Log into My BT and click Manage bill settings.

2: On the Billing overview screen if you currently pay by cash or cheque you’ll see an option to Set up a Direct Debit on the banner below.

Set up a direct debit

3: Confirm whether you want to be billed Monthly or Quarterly and whether you are sole signatory then enter your bank details. When you are happy click Continue. You’ll then be sent a confirmation email.

My BT Payment method

Setting up a monthly payment plan

A monthly payment plan means you can spread your bill so it’s paid over 12 months instead of quarterly. You can choose the date you get billed each month.

1: Log into My BT and click Manage bill settings. Under ‘What you owe click Manage payment method.

Set up monthly payment - My BT

2: On the next screen click Set up automatic payments.

My BT set up automatic payment plan

3: You’ll see the payment methods available, click Change to Monthly Payment Plan from the boxes below.

My BT - Change Payment Method

4: The next screen will tell you the amount you’ll pay each month. Click Continue and select the day of the month you want to pay. 

My BT select day

5: You’ll then be asked if you are the sole signatory and to accept the Direct Debit Guarantee. When this is done, you’ll see a confirmation of your Monthly Payment Plan.

Edit a direct debit or monthly payment plan

Using My BT you can quickly change the date of your monthly payments or cancel a payment.

1: From your homepage click Manage bill settings. Under ‘What you owe’ select Manage payment method.

My BT Manage payment method

2: On the Payment method screen you’ll see changes you can make including Change payment method and Change when you pay.

My BT change payment method

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