Ryan Reynolds demonstrates the power of the BT Smart Hub in BT advert

Coming to your TV screens, BT’s “Behind the Scenes” advertising campaign stars Hollywood action and comedy star Ryan Reynolds.

Coming to a small screen near you, BT’s "Behind the Scenes” advertising campaign builds on the success of the 52Mbps ad starring Hollywood action and comedy star Ryan Reynolds.

The ad titled ‘Helicopter’ shows how far the wi-fi signal could go with the BT Smart Hub and brings to life ‘The UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal*’ claim in a compelling way. The new BT Smart Hub lets you enjoy wi-fi in more places with less dropped connections and faster speeds in harder to reach rooms.

In the ad, Ryan introduces the new BT Smart Hub and talks about the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal in his typical charming manner before he casually walks to his garden and goes to great lengths to demonstrate the power of the new Smart Hub’s wi-fi signal using a helicopter.

“Watch me dangle from a helicopter in the next ad for BT’s new Smart Hub,” says Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds in the latest ad for the BT Smart Hub.

Dan Ramsay, BT consumer marketing director, says: “The production of this ad was quite challenging for the team as they had to have two helicopters on the set. One of the helicopters had to be flown into the location at West Sussex, which again was not easy given the great British weather. It was suspended by a crane while they got Ryan to dangle from it. He was a great sport and came up with some brilliant creative suggestions during the shoot.  

“We are very pleased with the end result and hope viewers enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The BT Smart Hub is available to order now. Find out more.

*Compared to major broadband providers. To verify see bt.com/smarthub

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