Despite the initial uproar, the Twittersphere is finally getting used to the new 280 character limit on tweets.

And it turns out, however many letters you give them, people online will just keep trying to make jokes.

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Here are 12 ways people are doing good things with the new letter count.

1. Shameless self promotion

Good one, Google France. Very on brand.

2. An extra long wall for that little man to peak behind

Even those who didn’t like the change were making the most of it.

3. The entire Bojack Horseman theme tune.

Why did Twitter choose 280 in particular?

Aside from the fact that it’s double the old limit, 140, maybe it’s because 280 characters can almost perfectly contain the entire Bojack Horseman theme tune.

No one could be angry that.

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4. Mocking Donald Trump

Twitter said they were testing the change by only rolling it out to certain users, but some noticed that the length of Donald Trump’s world-altering tweets had stayed the same.

5. Reliving former viral glory

6. Typing out the full versions of long lost Simpsons quotes

Oh you know this one – season eight, episode four, when the Simpsons bump into Ned Flanders at a cider mill.

And what about this one?

Don’t remember?

7. Celebrating iconic moments in pop culture

This is what Tyra Banks shouted at America’s Next Top Model contestant Tiffany Richardson back in 2005, a moment that also created one of the internet’s favourite GIFs.

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8. Honouring memes in full

Now all your favourite memes can be played out word for word.

9. Naming Games Of Thrones characters in full

10. Being really concise

This one also mocked Jack Dorsey’s verbose tweet announcing the change.

11. Improving classic novels

Surely this version of Ernest Hemingway’s six word story “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” is much better.

12. Wasting everybody’s time

Maybe this is a great move for Twitter after all.

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