It’s easy to fall into the trap of sharing something on the internet that isn’t quite true. Everyone who loves surfing YouTube for hilarious, stupid or just plain silly videos, or browsing social media sees an ridiculous stunt, wants to pass it on to friends, families or followers.

However, when a video is too good to be true, it usually is. That hasn’t stopped the hoax clips below getting hundreds of millions of views between them. How many did you fall for?

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Lightning almost strikes girl in Sydney

Clocking up more than 70 million views, according to the Australian company behind the stunt, this video fooled a lot of people around the world. Created by production business, The Woolshed Company, it was part of their 'Viral Experiment' which saw 15 videos garner over 310 million views.  

Worst twerk fail ever – Girl catches fire!

Candles burning, glass coffee table and a woman twerking upside down on a closed door… what could possibly go wrong? The alarming results of her legs catching on fire when someone unsuspectingly entered the room, saw this video go viral.

But rather than being genuine, it was actually a hoax set up by Jimmy Kimmel's US TV show.

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Golden eagle snatches kid

In a heart-stopping video that’s received more than 45 million views on YouTube, an eagle appears to swoop down and snatch a child in Montreal. However, it was actually the crafty work of some Canadian film students.

Girl gets knocked out by fish

While only five seconds long, this clip of a windswept woman getting smacked in the face by a fish definitely made people laugh. Creeping up to two million views on YouTube, the clip has actually been debunked as a hoax by news agency, Storyful.

Walk on water

Published all the way back in 2010 when YouTube had only been around five years and Twitter four, these adventurers decided to emulate Jesus when they attempted to walk on water – liquid mountaineering.

The stunt, which was actually sponsored by shoe brand Hi-Tec, has received nearly 15 million views. Their 'scientific' explanation does leave some doubt as they compare it to skimming a stone across the water’s surface.

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Snowboarder chased by a bear

Another one of Woolshed’s viral videos, this oblivious snowboarder has been seen by more than 43 million people according to the production company. As she happily snowboards downhill, a bear is seen chasing her in the background, all to the soundtrack of her humming Rihanna’s Work.

Little girl and Donald Trump

With more than 250,000 retweets and 400,000 likes, this clip of a girl calling the US President Donald Trump, “a disgrace”, certainly did the rounds on social media.

However, once again, this is actually taken from an American comedy show. Comedy Central’s President Show, where Trump is played by Tony Atamanuik, certainly fooled a lot of Twitter users.

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