Boomf: Personalise some tasty treats with your favourite photos

Think your Instagram photos are good enough to eat? Now they can be, as Boomf prints them onto delicious marshmallows for you to enjoy. Pass the hot chocolate.


Your retro-tinged Instagram snaps are way too awesome to stay trapped on your mobile. So how to set them free? Print them out? Email them to friends? No, why not make sweet treats out of them instead?

Boomf lets you do just that, printing your Instagram photos onto bite-sized four-centimetre-square marshmallows. So now you can dip that picture of your loved one in your hot chocolate, or toast your enemies on an open fire.

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£13.99 gets you a pack of nine marshmallows, and includes free delivery. You can add pre-designed gift wrap for £3, or wrapping of your own design for a fiver. Order by 2pm Monday-Friday and they’ll be dispatched by first class post the same day, so you can expect them within three days at most.

The only flavour at the moment is vanilla, but they’re working on others. The marshmallows will last up to six months after they’ve been delivered, but we’d imagine most will be scoffed well before then.

You’ll need to order through your Instagram account. For the best results, avoid photos with large dark areas, as the detail tends to get lost. Don’t expect Retina display-levels of sharpness, but the images do look surprisingly impressive, not to mention delicious.

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