Clockwords Prelude: A fun and addictive word game for all ages

Expanding your vocabulary doesn’t have to be a chore, thanks to this neat game from

Clockwords Prelude:

English teachers, take note - if you taught this in school, every child would talk like a Shakespearean thespian. It’s a fun and highly addictive game that aims to expand your vocabulary, but it’s much more entertaining than Scrabble.

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Clockwords Prelude is set in Victorian England. You take the role of an inventor who’s created a machine that’s powered by language. But it comes under attack from mechanical spiders who are trying to steal the blueprints.

You’re given a set of letters, and have to make words using as many of them as possible to power the cannon and shoot the spiders. Come up with a word that uses all the given letters, and you’ll unlock an extra-letter chamber with which to build longer words.

It’s all lovingly rendered with a steampunk feel, and a chirpy time-is-ticking soundtrack that you could listen to for hours. Which is a good job, as once you start playing it’s fiendishly difficult to stop. And once you do start, you’ll surprise yourself with some of the words you come up with.

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