Exposure: Make your snaps shine online with this premium photo-sharing site

Fancy turning your photos into a virtual coffee table book, with amazing design? Then Exposure is for you.

Exposure: www.exposure.co

There’s no shortage of photo-sharing sites around, so why pay for one? Well no other site makes your snaps look as good as Exposure.

Thanks to its amazing design, and nifty use of white space, your photo set will look like a coffee table book. It’s really more of a storytelling tool than anything, just one that uses your photos and whatever text you enter to explain what’s going on.

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You have full control over how your posts look, and it’s a doddle to put one together, too – just drag and drop photos in your browser, and add headers, text and embedded social media posts above or in between snaps. You can host your finished work on your own website or Exposure will host it for you, and professional photographers can set it up so that customers can download high-quality images directly from it. 

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The quality is pretty high, so you might want to make sure your snaps are up to it before you start making sets. It costs $9 (£6.85) a month too (or $59 a month for business accounts), so you’ll need to be using it a lot to get your money’s worth. But there are no adverts, and you have full ownership and copyright. You can sign up and try three sets for free too, to see what it’s like.

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