FutureMe: Create your own time-capsule of thoughts and ideas

Take a look at the website that lets you send words of encouragement to your future self.

FutureMe: www.futureme.org

This website has a simple premise - it lets you send a free message to yourself in the future. Enter your email and subject and pick the date you want to receive the letter - you can receive it in one, three or five years, or on a date of your own choosing - then get typing.

You can write anything – words of encouragement, advice or maybe a list of things you want to achieve by then.

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The idea of FutureMe comes from the principle that memories are less accurate than email and instead of reflecting on the past, you can reflect on the future.

Once a letter has been sent you can delete it or change the email address, but you can’t edit the contents or the date of delivery.

Founders Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios state: “This we feel would be cheating, as well as a potential violation of the space-time continuum. So please take care when writing to the future – it’s a serious business, after all.”

It’s a good idea to use an email address you know you’ll still have when receive the email – so avoid using a work address.

Letters can be sent to other people, provided you register first, and the recipient will receive your email address with your message so it can’t be done anonymously.

FutureMe has a bit of a twist. Before sending your message, you can choose whether you want it to be ‘Private’ or ‘Public (but anonymous).’  Select the latter it will appear anonymously in the Read Public Letters section of the website.  It may be a little voyeuristic, but reading other people’s letters to their future selves is interesting.

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