If you love exploring the world from the comfort of your own home, Google has a real treat in store for you as it has just overhauled its Google Earth online service.

The interactive site has had a wide-ranging revamp on Google Chrome and Android - other platforms such as iOS are due to follow “in the near future”.

Here’s everything new and exciting to discover on the new Google Earth:

Guided tours with Voyager

Google Earth Voyager

Let’s face it, we’ll never be able to see every inch of our rich planet so a guided tour of some of the furthest corners is a welcome addition to Google Earth.

These aren’t any ordinary tours like a stroll round a city – although they are there too. Choose from editor’s picks, travel, nature, culture or history, where you’ll find everything from a tour of remote islands, to places where sharks live.

What’s more, some of the tours include informative videos from the likes of Sir David Attenborough.

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Once you’ve selected a tour, you’ll be transported to the areas while information will be displayed on the right of the screen. Zoom and slide around the map as you would before to explore.

To use Voyager, click on the ship’s wheel icon on the left.

Not sure where to go? Let Google decide

If you need some inspiration, Google has a ‘feeling lucky’ feature – a reference to its long standing ‘I’m feeling lucky’ Google Search option.

Click the dice icon and be transported to a random location. Which hidden gem will Google find for you?

Find out more with Knowledge Cards

Google Earth knowledge cards

Knowledge Cards now appear to the right of your screen when you click on elements on Earth, providing you with some interesting information about the area.

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See in 3D

Google Earth in 3D

There are now even better 3D angles to make everything really come to life.

Click the 3D button at the bottom right and the screen will pan around whatever you’ve got on screen. Perfect for making virtual visits of sites like the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest.

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