Howcast: Watch the best online 'how to' videos, all in one place

Want to learn to fix a tap, cook the perfect curry or survive a zombie attack? Let the professionals show you how in high-quality video.


The most effective way to learn a new skill or perfect a task is to watch and learn.  Finding willing teachers is not always possible, but the next best thing is to watch a video.

YouTube is the obvious place to go to discover video content online, but wading through hundreds of badly shot home videos to find anything remotely useful is tedious. 

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Howcast is packed with high-quality how-to video clips – over 100,000 of them. It covers everything from ordering a coffee in Italian, to stretching your hamstrings, choosing a bike and even making fake blood for Halloween.

With a clean, neat interface Howcast is exceptionally easy to use. Search using pre-defined categories including Tech & Gadgets, Health, Parenting & Pets, Arts & Crafts, Video Games and Dance & Entertainment.

Instead of shaky camera work, each clip is produced to a professional standard and no two videos are the same. Some even include animations and models. Budding filmmakers can apply to Howcast’s Emerging Filmmakers Program, and will receive $50 (£31) per video published as well as half the advertising revenue when it reaches a certain number of views.

Pre-video adverts can get a little annoying and the American narration may put some people off, but if you’re looking for video advice in the web, Howcast is a great place to start.

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