On 23 August 1991 Tim Berners Lee opened the World Wide Web up to new users for the first time, after it made its public debut on August 6th.

The World Wide Web is constantly evolving as design tastes and reading habits change. With big budgets and bright minds at the helm, some of our favourite web portals can stay ahead of the rest with fancy, user-friendly tweaks, redesigns and revamps on a regular basis.

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However, before the world’s finest coding talent and armies of content placement strategists took over, things were an awful lot simpler. Here’s how some of the world’s most popular websites looked in their formative stages – there’s lots of white space and underscored blue text.

To find out what your favourite websites looked like years ago, head over to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, which has an amazing archive.

Check out the gallery below to find some of our favourites.