Wideo: Create animated videos easily in minutes

Now making your own animated films doesn’t have to mean grappling with complicated graphics programs thanks to this simple-to-use website.

Wideo: www.wideo.co.uk

There’s a reason designers are paid so well. It’s because graphics and video programs are notoriously fiendish to get to grips with. Want to make a short animated film? You’ll need to put in years of work to learn the ropes.

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Until now - Wideo has made animation accessible to everyone. Whether you’re making a video as part of a presentation or just want to experiment with putting characters together in a scene and seeing what happens, this site is for you.

You can choose from preset templates, so most of the hard work is done for you. Just sign up for free, click ‘Create’ on your profile page, get to work inserting objects, type, backgrounds, and animate them all with a few simple clicks. Then unleash your creations by publishing them online and sharing them through your social networks. You can even add your own music or your own voiceover.

Watch out Pixar, the rest of us are eyeing up that animation Oscar.

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