Head to a forum and you might think the internet is full of spiteful individuals, but there are some lovely people out there too. And from the look of it, most of them are on this website.

The Nicest Place on the Internet is a very simple idea, but ridiculously addictive once you start. It shows a series of short videos of people waving to the camera, making heart shapes with their hands, and giving their webcam a hug. There are beaming kids, men, women, hand puppets, all sorts. And they’re all in a good mood and all want to give you a hug. As we say, it’s quite addictive viewing.

You can upload your own hug too, and even address it to someone, if you like. Just record yourself hugging your webcam or any video camera, and upload it to YouTube. Then email the site a link so they can add it or transfer the video file using a service like WeTransfer or YouSendIt. A great pick-me-up when you’re having one of those days.