Who unfollowed me on Instagram? How to find out who stopped following you

Are your Instagram followers disappearing? Discover the easy way to find out who has stopped following you.

Instagram is a brilliant app for sharing your photos, keeping up with friends and taking a peek into the lives of celebrities.

In common with social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, you can follow people and build up a list of followers yourself.

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For many Instagram the more followers you have the better. Sometimes you’ll notice your follower number drop and Instagram doesn’t let you find out who unfollowed you.

It can be frustrating (not to mention a bit upsetting) if you think someone has unfollowed you, particularly if they were a friend. Try not to take it personally, they may just want to cull their followers and some Instagram users will follow you, so you’ll follow back, just to unfollow you!

Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

1: Check their list manually

This takes time, so is only worth doing if you think you know who might have unfollowed you, and then only if they're following hundreds rather than thousands of people.

Within the app, click their name to go to their profile page, then click ‘XXX following’ and scroll through the list.

2: Use an app

If you aren’t sure who has unfollowed you, the quickest way is to use an app. There are numerous apps available that provide analytical information about your account.

A: Unfollowers for Instagram, Android

Install the app and log in with your Instagram name/email and password to view recent unfollowers, people you follow who don’t follow back, mutual followers and more.


Instagram unfollow

B: Followers Track for Instagram!, Apple

Download the app and enter you Instagram name and password. It will scan your account showing any new followers, unfollowers, those you follow that don’t follow you and vice versa.

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