On January 1 you vowed that 2016 was going to be the year you lose weight, save money and become more zen, but after a whole week of salad and yoga your reserve is probably slacking a little bit.

As many as 63% of us make resolutions to live a more virtuous life in the new year according to a YouGov study, with getting fitter, losing weight and getting a better work-life balance amongst the most popular pledges, although another poll revealed that 43% of us will throw in the towel before the end of January.

If you need a little helping hand sticking to your guns this January, look no further than your pocket (or handbag, or hand), because a few taps on your smartphone could save you from yourself. Here are the five essential apps to keep you in check.

1. Headspace


If your resolution is to… De-stress

Take a break from the daily hustle and bustle with guided meditation every day. Seasoned yogis and mindfulness virgins alike can find inner peace with Andy’s soothing voice and clear instructions. Your first ten sessions are free, so there’s no harm done if you decide meditation isn’t your thang.

2. Duolingo


If your resolution is to… Learn a new language

Totally free, uncomplicated and fun to use, Duolingo is a far cry from copying down the French translation of “I have a dog called Boris and a cat called Coco” over and over and over again. Learn Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish with reminders to practice every day.

3. My Water Balance

(My Water Balance)

If your resolution is to… Drink more water

Set yourself a goal of daily water intake, track your hydration and receive daily reminders pestering you to get drinking every day. If the weather is warm or you’ve been hitting the gym, this app will remind you to glug down an extra glass or two.

4. 30 Days

(30 Days)

If your resolution is to… Tone up

If you’re too poor/busy/lazy to actually hit the gym, 30 Days is a good introduction to working out. Select which exercises you’re interested in (you can focus on bridges and squats or brave burpees), set a daily goal and tick a box every day once you’ve done it.

5. Elevate

screenshot from iPhone

If your resolution is to… Train your brain

Turn your morning commute into daily brain training time with games and exercises designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, memory, mental maths and more.