7 problem-solving apps to help you survive summer festivals

… and keep stress at bay!

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Last updated: 16 January 2019 - 7.14pm

Once again, the festival season is upon us. Sure – a weekend of watching your favourite musicians on stage while you dance to their beat sounds like a lot of fun, but it also means navigating your way back to your tent in the dark, tracking down friends lost amongst the crowds and being prepared for unpredictable weather.

Don’t panic just yet – here are a few apps that could ease your stress and help you survive those crazy few days in the muddy field.

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1. To find your tent

Festival apps

Available on iTunes (BC Tent Finder)


You’ve had a long day, your legs are tired and nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to find your tent.

BC Tent Finder will make sure you don’t forget where your tent is by putting a marker down (or taking a photo). So no more staggering about in the dark!

2. To find your friends

Festival apps

Available on iTunes and Google Play (Find My Friends)


Lets face it, tracking your friends down amid 20,000-odd festival-crazy people can be pretty tough.

Find My Friends will help you pinpoint their precise spot, as long as everyone has their ‘location’ enabled in their phone settings. So make sure you remind them.

3. For weather updates

Festival apps

Available on iTunes (Dark Sky)


Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about unpredictable bad weather (we think it’s best to pack for ALL weather conditions), but having a handy app could help you decide whether you want to wear sandals or wellies, waterproof ponchos or that cute boho top.

Dark Sky will show you a forecast for your exact location, with minute-by-minute predictions and keep you up-to-date. It also has radar animations to warn you well in advance if a storm is headed your way.

4. To remind you to stay hydrated


Available on iTunes (WaterIn)


We are so busy having fun dancing to the latest tunes (and maybe drinking a few beers), we might forget one important thing – staying hydrated.

And that is where WaterIn comes in – to remind you to drink water when you most need it.

5. To notify you when your phone is out of battery

Festival apps

Available on Google Play (Battery Doctor)


Want to make sure your phone has enough juice for your Instagram pictures? Battery Doctor could come in handy.

The app not only provides you with an estimate on how much longer your phone will last, it also disables other power-draining apps you don’t need, while offering practical tips on charging your phone.

6. For car sharing

Festival apps

Available on iTunes and Google Play (BlaBlaCar)


If public transport is too much for you and you don’t have the means to drive yourself to your festival campsite, the Bla Bla Car app could be something worth trying – if you don’t mind sharing a ride with strangers.

The idea is that you save £££s on your journey by looking for people who are driving from your area to your festival location. You can choose to travel with people you like, based on their profile information on the app – such as musical tastes, age and whether they allow smokers or pets in their car.

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7. To use your phone as a proper torch

Festival apps

Available on iTunes (iHandy)


In case you are left fumbling in the dark in your tent and in desperate need of some bright light, this app could be your life saver.

While phone screens only offer a faint glow, iHandy shines its dazzling light to illuminate even the darkest of nights, if you are using the Strobe feature. Other features include Candles, Lighters and Incandescent Light Bulbs, as well as Glow Sticks. Perfect for the festival atmosphere.


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