Get online on-the-go with your tablet: Find out more about BT Mobile’s Data SIMs

We’re really excited to be introducing Data SIMs so you and your family can stay connected when you are on the move - with brilliant discounts for BT Broadband customers.

Millions of people use tablets to go online, whether it’s for browsing the web, watching Netflix, making video calls or playing games. Now with BT Mobile’s first-ever Data SIM Only plans you can get online on your tablet away from home.

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What is a Data SIM?

Data SIMs look like standard smartphone SIM cards, but instead of offering a set amount of minutes and texts, they give users access to a set amount of data each month. You can use this data to access services away from wi-fi networks, to go online when you are on the move, if you want to catch up on email on a train journey or to keep your children entertained in the back of the car.

With Data SIMs you can enjoy brilliant BT Mobile benefits including Roam Like Home and the free BT Sport app*

BT Broadband customers get a discount of up to £120 a year and all BT Mobile Data SIMs come with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Where can I use a Data SIM?

BT Mobile Data SIMs work in a range of devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops. In order to use a Data SIM your gadget must be cellular-ready, this means it needs to include a SIM-card slot.

To start using data, just put the Data SIM in your device, wait for a welcome message and you’re ready to go.

What Data SIM plans does BT Mobile have?

We’ve got plans to suit all types of user, whether you want to go online occasionally or need more data for things like making video calls or watching YouTube.

  • 3GB data, £10/month (BT Broadband discount), £15/month (non-BT Broadband customers)
  • 6GB data, £12/month (BT Broadband discount), £17/month (non-BT Broadband customers), free BT Sport app
  • 15GB data, £17/month (BT Broadband customers), £22/month (non-BT Broadband customers), free BT Sport app, Extra Speed 4G
  • 30GB data, £23/month (BT Broadband discount), £28/month (non-BT Broadband customers), free BT Sport app, Extra Speed 4G

With the 15GB and 30GB plans you get Extra Speed 4G**, which lets you get faster 4G speeds up to 60Mpbs, which means you can download music, upload photos and get new apps much more quickly.

Can I set spend caps on a Data SIM?

If you are worried about going over your data allowance and getting an unexpected bill for extra charges you can set a monthly spend cap.  We automatically set a cap of £35 on monthly data charges, but if you want to reduce this further, you can choose a spend cap from £0 a month by logging in to My BT.

Remember you can check your data usage at any time using the My BT app, which has been optimised for tablets and is available for Android and iOS.

Can I set parental controls?

Devices like tablets are often used by children, but you can prevent them accessing inappropriate content and keep them safe online by using BT Mobile parental controls.

The controls are accessible via, and let you choose between three content restriction levels: Strict, Light and Off.

Get a BT Mobile Data SIM

*Sign up for our 6GB or 15GB and higher SIM plans (not including 3GB double data offers) and get the BT Sport app free. ** With Extra Speed 4G, the maximum speed available through the network is capped at 60 Mbps rather than 30 Mbps on our standard 4G. The speeds you get on your phone will be lower, and depend on things like the number of users, distance from the mast and the type of 4G phone you have.

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