Get started with Family SIM: Controlling your SIMs

Discover how easy it is to manage your BT Mobile Family SIMs, from giving control to family members to setting parental controls.

Family SIM is a new offering from BT Mobile that helps you save money on your phone bill.

Instead of all the people in a household having separate phone contracts, the whole family has one plan and one bill, which can contain up to five SIM cards. The more SIMs you have, the more money you can save.

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As well as making significant savings, what’s great about Family SIM is that you can personalise each SIM to suit the individual. You do this by determining what control each user has - ‘some’ or ‘full’ control to restrict access to certain types of call and apply spend caps.

Some control:  The SIM user can check how much data and calls they’ve used by logging into They can also get online at BT Wi-fi hotspots nationwide and use the BT Sport app if the bill payer has access to it.

Full control: As above, but users 18 or over can set their own monthly spend caps and parental controls. They can also buy and manage add-ons, such as data add-ons and Extra Speed 4G.

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If a younger family member is on your Family Sim plan giving them ‘Some control’ lets you set spend caps and add parental controls. You might be happier giving your partner ‘Full control’ so they can set their own spend caps.


To set the level of control for each SIM on your account go to and click ‘Personalise your SIMs.’ Account holders can revoke the level of control given to SIM users at any time.

Users invited to take control of the SIM, whether it’s full or some control, will need to accept the invitation sent from the Account holder and set up a BT ID.  Once this is done they can get online for free with the BT Wi-fi app, or access MyBT.

Family SIM: Checking your bill

All Family SIM users can check how much data and minutes they’ve got left using the BT Mobile app, which is available for Android, Apple and Windows smartphones

BT My Mobile

Or by logging into

BT Mobile Family SIM

Family SIM: Taking control of your SIM

Those with Full control will be able to adjust their account settings further. Remaining within My Mobile, scroll down to ‘Tools to manage your spend’ if this option is grey you’ve got ‘Some control’ and won’t be able to adjust these settings.

Under ‘Tools to manage your spend’ use the drop-down arrow to set a monthly spend cap, allow premium rate calls and texts and set a data-roaming cap.

BT Mobile tools to manage your spend

Family SIM: Setting Parental Controls and Spend Caps

If you are the main Family SIM bill-payer you activate Parental Controls and spend caps for SIMs on your plan used by younger members of your family.

Log into My Mobile and click ‘Account Summary’. Along the top options include: What you’ve spent, Add-ons, Monthly spend caps and Parental controls.

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BT Mobile account summary

Click an option and any Family SIMs on your plan will be listed underneath. Click ‘Edit Settings’ to make changes to any SIMs, such as setting a monthly spend cap.

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