Worried about missing the latest phone and don’t want a long-term contract? BT Mobile can help…

Discover how BT Mobile’s Family SIM is the flexible yet affordable mobile phone plan for your entire family’s mobile needs.

Many people want flexibility with their phone contracts and BT Mobile’s new Family SIM offering can help. It has been designed to offer families flexibility through great value contracts.

With BT Mobile Family SIM, instead of each family member having their own phone contract, you can have multiple SIM cards on the same family contract.

Even better, Family SIMs are significantly cheaper than buying single SIMs*. You also get a bigger discount the more SIMs you buy, so you can add a second SIM for £8 a month, a third for £7 a month and a fourth for £6 a month.

Use the Family SIM calculator to find out how much you'll save.

Say goodbye to long-term contracts

Instead of each family member being tied into a long-term contract, Family SIMs work on a 30-day minimal term.

As long as one SIM remains on the plan for 12 or 24 months (for a Pay Monthly phone), you can remove other Family SIMs whenever you like.

Want to get the latest phone?

Being tied into a long-term phone contract means you have to wait until your contract is up before upgrading your handset. So if you see a lovely new phone, you’ll have to wait months to upgrade.

With BT Mobile Family SIM you just buy the SIM so you can use whatever phone you want.  Parents can give old handsets to their children and you don’t have to wait to upgrade.

Going away?

There may be times when you or a member of your family don’t need a mobile phone any more – perhaps you’re going abroad for work or your son or daughter is going travelling.

On many phone contracts you’ll have to keep paying the bill for the length of the contract, even if you aren’t using it.

BT Mobile’s Family SIMs are flexible and work on a 30-day contract, so as long as one SIM remains on the plan, you can remove others at any time.

Change in circumstances

Sometimes a change in financial circumstances occurs, but if you’ve got multiple phone contracts within your family, you are financially committed to pay.

With BT Mobile Family SIM, you aren’t tied into long-term contracts for each person as long as one SIM remains on the plan. So if the worst happens, you don’t have to worry paying multiple phone contracts.

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One easy bill

With BT Mobile Family SIM you get simple bills: instead of numerous contracts with different networks, you have one bill and one contract for your whole family’s mobile needs.

Get a SIM only plan BT Mobile

*Savings VS standard BT Mobile SIM only plans

BT Mobile handset customers can add Family SIMs to their existing contracts, adding up to four, each on a 30-day minimum term. BT Mobile SIM only customers still in contract can add a Family SIM, bringing all SIMs together under one plan and a new 12-month contract will start.

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