How to explore your phone’s features and fix problems easily with BT Mobile

From setting up wi-fi to exploring camera features, discover how to get the best from your phone - and solve any problems.

Smartphones have revolutionised communications, allowing us to talk, message and video chat with family and friends all over the world. But mobile phones can do so much more than that – they are also portable video players, cameras, computers and all-round entertainers.

If you have just got your first smartphone, picking it up and flicking through the menus and seeing all the settings can be daunting, which is where BT Mobile can help.

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BT Mobile wants you to get the best from your phone by helping you discover all the things it can do, as well as solving any problems you might have.’s Explore Your Mobile has interactive guides for over 200 phones from all the major manufacturers.

From connecting to wi-fi, taking a photo, turning on Bluetooth and setting up email, each phone has dozens of guides with step-by-step instructions explaining how to use it.

Unlike some websites which are full of confusing jargon, each step is illustrated with a picture of the phone like yours, showing you exactly which button to press.

Even if you don’t own a smartphone, allows you to check them out virtually first.

Using Explore Your Mobile

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Use the drop-down to select a brand and device model, or search by typing the name of your phone.

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Step 3: Click on your phone

Explore your phone


Step 4: You’ll see a large picture of your phone. Use the drop-down menu to view a list of guides available for your handset, including: Messaging, Wi-Fi, Email, Camera and Calls. Click an area to expand it and view all the related guides.

BT Mobile - Guide to S9

Step 5: Instructions on the left take you through the process. Flashing circles (like the one below) on the phone show you which icon to tap and what each screen should look like.

Explore your mobile connect to wireless network


Fix a problem with your phone

Solving an issue with your phone used to mean desperate internet searches for a solution or hours of wasted time as you tried to fix it yourself.

If there is something wrong with your phone, BT’s online troubleshooter is there to save you time. It helps you quickly identify the problem with your handset and tells you how to solve it.

Log into the troubleshooter at

Select the categories related to your phone.

Answer the questions, then follow any instructions to try and fix the problem

If the problem can’t be sorted, you’ll be given instructions on how to get ready send it back to us

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