The perfect phone for novices? 5 features to get excited about on the Doro 7060

Discover more about the phone that combines ease of use with extensive accessibility tools and modern features like Google Assistant.

For many the most important thing to consider when choosing a phone isn’t processor size or camera megapixels, it’s finding something that is simple to use. If this is you, the Doro 7060 is well worth considering.

Doro makes phones aimed at seniors. With the Doro 7060, you can browse the internet, update Facebook, send emails and share photographs, but the design interface puts usability first, making it much easier to use then many other mobile phones. Let’s take a closer look at the handset and five features we think will make a difference to your life.

1. Large keys, compact size and flip design for convenience

Doro 7060 in hand

The Doro 7060 is a clamshell phone, so you can snap it shut to end calls as well as to protect the 2.8-inch colour screen from dust and scratches. It doesn’t take up much space in a bag and with a ridged, soft touch back, it’s comfortable to hold. A second external screen on the outside means you can see who is calling at a glance.

If you prefer pressing solid buttons to using a touchscreen you're in luck. The phone has large black keys that contrast with the white interior and there is plenty of space between them so you're unlikely to press the right one.

2. Get help wherever you are with the assistance button

Doro 7060 Help button

No-one wants to think about having an accident, but in the unlikely event you get into difficulty and you are on your own, the assistance button on the back of the Doro 7060 can help. 

Hold it for three seconds or press it three times within a second and it’ll call the first person in your list of pre-saved numbers. If they don’t answer within 25 seconds, it will call the next number in the list and will repeat five times, or until your call is answered. All recipients can be sent an assistance text (which you can personalise) and text confirming your location using the phones GPS.

3. Sound settings for all ears - no more 'Can you repeat that?'

Doro 7060 audio settings

For those who find it hard to hear clearly, the phone has been designed with what Doro calls ‘Loud and Clear sound’ making it easy to hear. During a call if it’s not loud enough you can increase the volume further.

You can also adjust the audio to suit your hearing, choosing between Normal, High (when it’s noisy or if you have a moderate hearing impairment) so people with hearing aids can use it in the ‘telecoil’ (or T) position – provided it’s compatible.

4. Smartphone novice? Choose a navigation mode that is simple to use

Doro 7060 Navigation mode

Modern phones have so many features that trying to find the right app or utility can take a while as you flick through screens.

With the Doro 7060 you have two navigation modes, Easy and Standard. The Easy menu is based around things you do with your phone, such as Call, View, Discover, Send and Take a Photo. Standard is based around the name of the menu and downloaded apps and has a few more options like Media, Contact, Browser and Camera.

It is personal preference what you prefer – if you are buying the phone for an elderly relative, you may want to put it in Easy mode.

5. Control your phone without typing with Google Assistant

Doro 7060 Google Assistant

The Doro 7060 has 4G and wi-fi, so you can go online while you're out and about.  If you’ve got an internet connection you can search using your voice with Google Assistant, which is pre-installed.

Tap the right soft key, and ask a question, it could be anything from ‘What is the weather like today?’ to ‘What’s the Liverpool football score?’ or ‘Call John’ and the phone will do it for you, saving you precious time.

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