Google Pixel 3a: 5 features to get excited about

Discover more about the smartphone that offers a state-of-the-art camera experience but without the price tag.

Google’s brand-new Pixel 3a is a phone that offers the Pixel 3’s remarkable camera at a lower price-point of today’s flagship smartphones.

Blending Google’s expert hardware and software, it’s clear this is a phone that’s punching far above its weight. It runs pure Android, which means you’ll get brand-new features before anyone else.

We’ve spent the some time using the phone and picked out five of the best features. Check out the video below to take a closer look at the phone.

Pixel Camera: A camera so good it can see in the dark

Arguably the biggest feature worth shouting about, Google has taken the Pixel 3’s incredible camera system and replicated it on the Pixel 3a.

By combining hardware and AI (artificial intelligence) software, Google’s Pixel Camera has a range of premium features including Night Sight, which lets you take astonishingly clear, bright images in the dark.

You also get other premium features including Portrait Mode, Slow Motion and - new for the Pixel 3a - Time Lapse, which is brilliant for capturing sunsets, busy city streets or just the movement of the clouds.

Google Maps AR: See directions in the world around you

As a Pixel owner you’ll be one of the first to use the next evolution of Google Maps, which includes a brilliant new feature that uses augmented reality to help you navigate

Set the destination, tap Google Maps AR and you’ll see directions and signs placed into the real-world. By using augmented reality you can finally see exactly which direction to start walking in, rather than simply making a guess and waiting for the app to catch up with you.

The phone intelligently knows the buildings it’s looking at and so can give you hyper-accurate directions, ensuring you’ll never take a wrong turning again.

OLED Display: A screen worthy of the latest blockbusters

One of the most notable features of the Pixel 3a is its large 5.6-inch Full-HD OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display.

Usually reserved for higher-end smartphones, OLED technology allows for stunning colour reproduction and incredible contrast levels, so you get the brightest whites and the deepest blacks.

Combined with the Pixel’s adaptive colour technology and adaptive brightness (which adjusts the screen brightness to suit the lighting around you) and you get a display that’ll do your favourite boxset justice without ruining your battery life.

Fingerprint Scanner: A phone with its very own vault for all your personal data

The Pixel 3a comes with a fingerprint scanner on the back and Google’s custom-made Titan M security chip built into the phone.

Why does this matter? Well it’s the same technology that Google uses to protect its own servers and keeps all of your sensitive personal information safely locked away in a separate physical location on the phone.

Working together you’ll be able to use features like wireless payments through Google Pay safe in the knowledge that your data is secure.

Unlimited Photo Storage: Never lose a moment because you’ve run out of space

There’s nothing worse than lining up that perfect photo only to be told you don’t have any storage left.

Well one of the great perks of being a Pixel owner is that you get free, high-quality photo storage for all the photos taken on your Pixel device.

Even better is by using Google’s Smart Storage feature, the phone will automatically clear old or barely viewed photos and videos to save space. They’ll still be backed up in the cloud and can be re-downloaded with the press of a button.

Of course for everything that’s not photos, remember you can get free online storage with BT Cloud.

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