Great savings and free wi-fi: Why your family needs BT Mobile’s Family SIM

Buy as a family and save money! BT Mobile is changing the mobile phone market with its Family SIM offering.

Family SIM from BT Mobile- a game-changing mobile offering that helps families with multiple smartphones save money on their mobile phone bills.

With connected parents and children, families can have several phones and tablets under the same roof, typically this means multiple contracts and bills, which can be a headache.

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BT Mobile Family SIM is different. Instead of having a separate contract for each person or device, be it a phone or tablet - you have one contract per family – and save money.

The plan works by giving you multiple SIMs on one contract at a discounted price. Opt for a SIM-only contract and you can have up to five SIMs. With either BT Mobile phone plan you get up to four SIMs. Find out more at Family SIM.

1: Save money

With BT Mobile Family SIM, you get a bigger discount the more SIMs you add. On the 3GB plan, add a second SIM for £8, third for £7 and fourth for £6. 

2: Simple bills

With Family SIMs you only have one bill and one contract, so you don’t have to manage multiple bills and payments across different providers.

3: Flexible plans to suit your family

The Family SIMs on your plan are flexible and work on a 30-day minimum term, so you aren’t tied into long-term contracts for each individual.

One SIM must remain on the plan for 12 months or 24 months for a Pay Monthly phone, but you can remove any other SIM and you can add extra devices depending on your family’s changing needs.

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4: Control your spend

With Family SIMs you can set an individual spend cap for each SIM, so you don’t get any unwanted surprises at bill time. Different family members can have different spend caps; a child with their first phone may have a lower cap than an adult, but you control how much each individual can spend per month.

5: No more sharing data

Have you ever lent your child your smartphone, only to get it back and find they’ve been watching YouTube videos, eating into your data allowance? Each of the Family SIMs on your plan has its own data allowance, depending what the bill payer chooses, so you don’t have to share.

6: Free wi-fi

BT Mobile customers get free access to wi-fi and 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK. By downloading the BT Wi-fi app, each member of your family will be able to get online away from home.

7: 30-day money-back guarantee

Try BT Mobile for 30-days and we promise to give you your money back if you are not delighted. Just tell us within 30 calendar days of placing your SIM only or Family SIM order and we’ll refund your first monthly plan charge and cancel your contract. You won’t have to pay a fee for cancelling either. You won’t be refunded for any extra services you’ve used outside your monthly plan allowances.*

8: Roam Like Home 

The end of roaming charges means using your phone in the EU is much cheaper than it used to be. With BT Mobile's Roam Like Home, you can use your UK data allowance in over 40 EU countries. This means you can share photos, check emails and update Facebook without worrying about extra costs. Find out more about Roam Like Home.

9: BT Sport

If the account holder has access to BT Sport app (which is included with your BT Mobile 6GB or higher plan), each member of your plan with Family SIMs can access the BT Sport app, including news, videos and highlights

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