The Tesco Hudl 2 is a fantastic tablet, but some simple tweaks it can be even better.

Rearrange apps to make them easier to find, tweak the screen brightness, change the background image and add separate accounts so each family member can use the Hudl 2 just as they please.

Check out the video above to find out more.


Tip 1: Change the wallpaper

How to customise the Tesco Hudl  2 1 Wallpaper

You can easily change the background image – the wallpaper - of your Hudl 2. Tap and hold your finger on a blank area of the Hudl 2’s screen and select the Wallpapers option. Choose a new wallpaper from the selection at the bottom of the screen or tap Pick image to choose from the photos stored on your Hudl 2. Tap Set Wallpaper to confirm your choice.


Tip 2: Add widgets

How to customise the Tesco Hudl  2 Widgets

Widgets are small apps that let you quickly access features on your Hudl 2. To find the widgets on your Hudl tap and hold the screen and select Widgets. Scroll through the widgets library, select one, tap and hold it and drag it to one of the Hudl 2’s screens.


Tip 3: Organise your apps

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 3 app folders

Scroll through the Hudl 2’s screens by swiping your finger left or right. To move an app to another screen, hold your finger on it until a white edge appears around it then drag it to its new position.

To organise apps into folders, drag one app on top of another.  Tap the folder then type a name for it.


Tip 4: Lose unwanted apps

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 4 lose unwanted apps

The Hudl 2 comes with lots of preinstalled apps. Delete any apps you don’t want by tapping and holding the app and then dragging it to the far left of the screen. Drag it onto the X that appears to delete it.


Tip 5: Use a different browser

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 5 different browser

The Hudl 2’s web browser, Google Chrome, can be replaced with any other browser app. Tap the Google Play Store icon and type ‘browsers’ into the search box. Choose one from the selection shown, then tap Install. Just tap the new browser instead of Chrome whenever you want to surf the web.


Tip 6: Set profiles for multiple users

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 6 multiple profiles

You can give family members their own user profiles on the Hudl 2, so they can have their own email, games and apps.

Tap and hold the screen and choose Settings. Scroll down to Users -Add user or profile.

Tap User and add the new person’s name, email address and other details.

Each person taps their name to go into their account. You can add account passwords too.


Tip 7: Change the keyboard settings

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 2 7 keyboard settings

To change the Hudl 2’s keyboard tap and hold the screen then tap Settings - Language & input. Tap the options icon to the right of Google Keyboard to make any changes to the existing setup, for example Gesture Typing lets you write by sliding from letter to letter.


Tip 8: Find the perfect brightness level

How to customise the Tesco Hudl 2 8 brightness level

To change screen brightness, drag down from the top right of the Hudl’s screen to open the   Quick Setting menu then tap Brightness. Use the slider to change the current setting. Tap Auto (next to the slider) to have the screen brightness adjust according to the light levels.