The Tesco Hudl 2 is a fantastic tablet for browsing the web, sending email and updating social media, but by downloading apps you can put a wealth of information at your fingertips.

With more than a million apps, games, books and songs available for your Hudl 2, it can be tricky to know where to start looking.

Here we look at how to sort the great from the grim in the world of the Android app.

Check out the video above to find out more.


Step 1: Recommended apps

Tesco Hudl apps Step 1: Recommended apps

There are two ways to discover apps, the first is by clicking Top Apps.

The Favourite Picks section includes suggested apps. Tap an app listing to see its age rating, whether it’s free or paid-for and a summary of what it does.

To install, tap Get the app to go to the app’s download page in the Google Play Store. If it’s a free app, just tap Install and Accept if you’re happy with the app’s terms of use.


Step 2: Buying apps

Tesco Hudl apps Step 2: Buying apps

You can only buy apps on your Hudl 2 through the Google Play Store. Many apps are free, but you need to register your card details before you can buy any paid-for apps.

Select the app, Accept the terms then tap Buy. Type your Google password then tap Confirm. You’ll be prompted to register your payment details if you haven’t already done so.


 Step 3: Search Top Apps by category

Tesco Hudl apps Step 3: Search Top Apps by category

Top Apps is divided into 10 colour-coded categories such as Music & Radio, Reading, Gaming and Keeping in Touch.

Scroll left and right to move between categories.


Step 4: Find apps in the Play Store

Tesco Hudl apps Step 4: Find apps in the Play Store

An alternative way to find apps is via the Google Play Store, tap the Play Store icon to open it, then tap either Apps or Games. Use the search box to find apps or tap Categories to browse the app selection by type. Every app has a customer rating, which helps you work out whether it’s worth installing. Tap an app to see a full description and customers’ reviews.


Step 5: Recommended and recent apps

Tesco Hudl apps Step 5: Recommended and recent apps

Google Play Store shows you the newest apps first, but you may find it more useful to view the apps in each category in the Play Store by their popularity (tap Top Selling) or their overall rating. Tap Top Apps, Top New Apps or Trending to see the latest well-regarded apps.


Step 6: Check out Editor’s Choice

Tesco Hudl apps Step 6: Check out Editor’s Choice

Tap Editor’s Choice to discover handy and interesting apps that Google staff think you’ll enjoy using. You get a summary of what each app does and details of whether it’s free or paid-for. Tap any app to go to its product page and install it.


Step 7: Get personal recommendations

Tesco Hudl apps Step 7: Get personal recommendations

If any of your friends use a Google Android tablet or phone and have left a review of an app, their review will appear at the top of all other product reviews when you browse the App Store. Your friend’s name and their Google profile image will appear next to the app and the star rating they gave it.


Step 8: Visit app websites

Tesco Hudl apps Step 8: Visit app websites

There are lots of useful technology-focused websites and most carry reviews of apps you can use on your Hudl 2. Some, such as Android Apps review, even specialise in reviewing apps. Just tap the Top Rated, Kids Apps or choose a topic under All App Categories to find items of interest. It’s also worth looking at Apps Playground for recommendations for kids.