Despite its slinky frame, the iPad has an excellent speaker system, with the latest iPad Air and iPad Mini models boasting stereo speakers.

Selecting and listening to music is great on an iPad - the large screen makes it easy to pick tracks and it displays large album artwork as the music plays.

The iPad can also store thousands of music tracks so you will never be stuck for a song to play.

But you need to get music on your iPad in order to play them. There are a few different ways to do this, so let's look at how to put music on Apple’s tablets.


Step 1: Open the iTunes store

Step 1: Open the iTunes store

If you have don't have any digital music stored on your PC the easiest way to get some tunes on the iPad is to buy some from the iTunes Store.

Tap on the iTunes Store icon on the Home Screen to open the iTunes Store app - this is like the App Store but it sells music and videos instead of apps.

Pick a featured song or one from the charts listed on the store’s homepage, or tap Search Store in the top-right and enter the name of a favourite artist, band, track or album.

Buy a song by tapping the price (typically 99p for a track and between £5.99 and £9.99 for an album). If you haven’t done so already you will now be asked to log in to your Apple account with your ID and password to confirm payment.

The song will be downloaded to the iPad and you can play.


Step 2: Copy your music from a computer using iTunes

Step 2: Copy your music from a computer using iTunes

Connect the iPad to your computer using the supplied cable and open the iTunes program on your computer. Tap the iPad button in the top to view the iPad Summary screen.

Tap 'Music' from the horizontal list. Now tap the small box next to Sync Music to place a tick in and choose whether to sync your entire library or selected songs.

If you only have a few thousand songs in your library there should be enough storage space to allow you to sync all the music in iTunes on to the iPad.


Step 3: Syncing

Step 3: Syncing

Hit Sync. If you have too many tracks to fit on to the iPad then the bar at the bottom will turn grey, and a warning will pop up.

In this case you have to click on Selected Playlists, Artists, Albums or Genres (instead of All Music) and place ticks in the boxes next to tracks, artists or albums you want on the iPad. Click Apply to send the selected tracks to the iPad.


Step 4: Playing music on the iPad

Step 4: Playing music with the Music app

Tap the Music app. At the bottom are icons for viewing your music by Playlist, Artists, Songs, Albums, Genres and so on.

Tap Artists then one of the bands in the main window to see songs by that band. Tap a track to start playing it, you can adjust the volume of music using the volume slider near the top of the Music app, or by using the physical volume buttons on the side of the iPad. Tap the Play/Pause, Next and Back buttons in the top left of the screen to skip tracks.

The music continues to play if you press the Home button and switch between apps, so you can play music while doing other things with the iPad.


Step 5: iTunes Match

Step 5: iTunes Match

If you have a lot of music in iTunes on your computer then you can use a service made by Apple called iTunes Match to stream it wirelessly.

This costs £21.99 a year but what it does is check the songs in iTunes on your computer and match them against the songs Apple sells on its iTunes Store.

You can play any song that’s in your library on the iPad without having to buy it again, or sync it from a computer. It just appears in your music library.

Open iTunes on your computer and click Store and Turn On iTunes Match to get started.Enter your Apple ID and Password to sign up and pay for iTunes Match.

Alternatively on your iPad open the Music app and tap Subscribe to iTunes Match.