Tesco's Hudl 2 may be a low-cost tablet, but it can be a great music player. It supports all the major music formats including MP3, Flac, Ogg and WAV, and has both on-board stereo speakers and a headphone jack so you can use it with your own pair of earbuds.

There are apps available for popular online music streaming services such as Spotify and Napster, but it's also easy to get your own tracks onto the Hudl by following our step-by-step guide.


Step 1: Make the connection

Step 1: Make the connection

First connect your Hudl to your computer via the USB lead that came with your tablet.

Wait for your computer to recognise the tablet and install any drivers it may need to work with the Hudl.

On your Windows 7 computer an AutoPlay box will appear. Select Open device to view files and your Hudl will show up as a folder on your desktop.

Alternatively click Start – Computer and you should see the Hudl.


Step 2: Viewing folders

Step 2 Viewing folders

Double-click on Internal storage to see the folders stored in the tablets on-board memory.

One of the folders is called Music. Double-click on it to open it. Currently the folder is empty, so it's ready to be filled with the music that you're going to copy from your computer.

If you don't see these folders on your computer, your tablet may be connected in the wrong USB mode.

Go to your tablet and slide your finger down on the top left of the screen. Tap the Connected as Media Device entry in the list and then tick the box for Media Device (MTP). This will switch your tablet into the correct USB mode.


Step 3: Transferring Music

Step 3 Transferring Music

Select your Music folder on your computer, right-click on it and choose Open in a New Window. Choose a folder of music that you want to transfer to your Hudl and drag and drop it in the Music folder on the Hudl that should now also be open on your desktop.

The files will be copied form your computer to your tablet. Continue copying music to your device in the same way until you've got all the tracks or albums that you want loaded on your tablet.


Step 4: Checking remaining storage

Step 4 Checking remaining storage

Remember that the Hudl 2 only has around 9GB of storage available for media files and if you copy too much music onto it you won't have space for storing pictures you've taken with your Hudl’s camera or files you've downloaded from the internet.

Luckily it's easy to tell how much space is left on your Hudl. Just click on the back button in the folder window on your computer until you return to the Internal Storage icon. This icon displays how much storage space is still free on your device.


Step 5: Ready to rock

Step 5 Ready to rock

Close the window for the Hudl Music folder on your desktop computer and then unplug the USB cable from your Hudl.

Tap on the App Drawer button on your tablet's screen and then swipe right on the display to get to the Play Music app. Tap on the app to open it and then tap on the Not Now button and then the Done button to skip setting up an online Google Music account. On the screen that now appears tap on the top left menu button (three horizontal lines) and select My Library and you'll see that your music has been imported into Google Music and is ready to be played.