How to set up your Kindle Fire for BT email

Amazon’s Kindle Fire uses a different version of Android to other tablets, which can make setting up a new email account a little tricky. Here’s how to do it.

Setting up an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet for your BT Internet email account isn’t quite the same as on other Android tablets. Amazon has heavily customised the user interface, which can be a little confusing if you’re more used to another tablet. So here’s a simple guide to setting it up — it takes no more than a few minutes.

You’ll need to be connected to wi-fi or a mobile data network to follow these steps.


Step 1. Launch Android Settings

Tap the Home button and then tap Apps on the to menu bar. Tap the Settings icon on the Apps screen.


Step 2. Add a new email account

Scroll down the Settings page and tap Applications. Then tap Email, Contacts, Calendar, followed by Add Account under Accounts.


Step 3. Enter your BT email account details

Enter your BT email address (usually and tap the Next button. Then enter your password and tap Next again.


Step 4. Validate your email details

Your Kindle Fire will then configure your email account automatically and validate your settings. If all is well, tap the Go to Inbox button that appears. If not, check that you’ve typed your email address and/or password correctly.


Step 5. Check for new email

Your Kindle Fire should have already downloaded your latest emails, but you can update your Inbox by pulling down on the screen to refresh it, or by selecting Refresh from the Android menu at the top-right of the screen (three vertical dots).

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