Keep track of your smartphone account the easy way with the BT Mobile app

The BT Mobile app is a flexible and convenient way to keep an eye on your monthly allowance. Learn more about the great features.

If you are a BT Mobile customer you can keep up-to-date with your account at a time that suits you using the BT Mobile app.

The BT Mobile app is a free download for Android and Apple smartphones. 

As long as you’ve got an internet connection you can use it to check your monthly allowance, along with any data roaming and any extras.

Don’t forget as a BT customer you can get online at 5 million wi-fi hotspots around the UK with the BT Wi-fi app. The BT Mobile app will help set up your phone to connect to a hotspot.

Using the BT Mobile app

1: Setting up

Start by entering your BT Mobile number and a PIN will be sent to your phone, enter this and wait while the app links to your account.

Alternatively make sure you are connected to a mobile data connection and the app will set it up automatically in a couple of seconds and you won’t need to enter your mobile number or PIN.

BT Mobile app login

2: Checking usage

Checking usage BT Mobile app

Once you’ve logged in the first thing you’ll see is the ‘My allowances’ screen, showing in real time how main minutes, texts and data you’ve used, and how many are remaining.

Underneath you’ll see ‘Extra spend since your last bill’, tap this for a breakdown of any extra charges including minutes that aren’t included in your plan and roaming charges if you’ve been abroad.

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3: Monthly charges and data roaming 

BT Mobile app - data roaming


Tap the menu icon on the top left (three horizonral lines) and select ‘My plan’ to see a summary of your BT Mobile plan including monthly minutes, texts and data, along with any add-ons.

If you’ve been abroad or are going abroad, the menu also includes a ‘Data roaming’ option, which shows any add-ons and charges.

Conveniently, the app will default to the roaming page when you are abroad, making it easier for you to keep an eye on your roaming use.

Using the BT Mobile app with multiple SIMs

BT Mobile’s Family SIM lets you add multiple SIM cards to your account for family members and friends and make brilliant savings.  

Use the BT Mobile app to keep track of how much each Family SIM user is spending, or any other BT Mobile SIMs you have.

4: Adding another SIM

BT Mobile adding another SIM

Tap the menu and select ‘Got more than one SIM?’ You’ll need to enter your BT ID and password and the app will then show the SIMs that you have on your account.*

2: Viewing additional SIM details

BT Mobile app account summary different SIMs

Now when you view the Account Summary screen, under details of your plan you’ll see any additional SIMs attached to your account. Tap each one to view remaining minutes, texts and data along with any Extra spend.

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* You need to be a BT mobile customer in order to see other SIMS on your account.

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