Huawei P Smart 2019: 10 tips to get more from your smartphone

Discover more about a stunning phone from Huawei, packed with brilliant features that won’t hit your wallet.

If you want a smartphone that offers a great range of features, looks premium, but doesn’t come with a high-end price point, the Huawei P Smart 2019 is a definite contender.

Comfortable to hold thanks to the curved edges, this Android phone has a generous Full HD screen, dual cameras and some brilliant time-saving features. If you are thinking of buying the P Smart or already have it and want to find out some secrets, keep reading.

Organise your home screen

When you first fire up the P Smart you’ll notice by default all apps are displayed on the homescreen, if you like things to be a bit more organised, you can move them to an app drawer.

Huawei P Smart 2019 home screen style

Head to the Settings menu and go to Home screen & wallpaperHome screen style and select Drawer. You’ll notice a new icon on the homescreen - tap it to see your apps.

Save time by using gestures

By turning on the phone’s motion control features, you can quickly and easily do things like silence calls, wake the phone and even take screenshots.

Huawei P Smart 2019 gestures

In Smart assistance scroll down to Motion control and you’ll see three motion options you can turn on: Flip lets you mute incoming calls, timers and alarms just by turning the phone over, with Pick up you can turn the call and alarm volume down and even wake the phone and with Three-finger screenshot you can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers down.

Use your finger to unlock the phone and more

Entering a password is one way to unlock your phone, but a quicker way is by tapping your finger on the sensor located on the back of the P Smart.

To do this you need to register your fingerprint (or prints) with the scanner. If you didn’t set it up when you started using the phone head to the Settings menu and go to Security & privacy – Fingerprint ID – Fingerprint management.

Huawei P Smart 2019 fingerprint scanner

Enter your lock screen password and follow the instructions to register one or more fingerprints, which you do by tapping one or more of your fingers on the scanner multiple times so your entire fingertip is registered. Once done you can unlock your screen by simply tapping the back.

As well as unlocking your phone, you can use your fingerprint to access the phones safe (find out more about this below) or if you’ve set a PIN for apps.

…or unlock with your face

Save even more time by unlocking your phone with your face, so you can pick it up and it unlocks automatically.

In Settings, look for Security & Privacy and click Face recognition. You’ll need to enrol your face by lining it up in the circle. Once set up you can choose what facial recognition does, including unlocking the phone directly or sliding to unlock.

Huawei P Smart 2019 face recognition

It’s worth noting that face recognition isn’t as secure as using a password, pin or pattern to unlock your phone.

Keep personal files secure in a vault

Whether it’s your family photos or personal documents, the majority of us have private things on our phones we don’t want other people to see.

On the P Smart you can encrypt and store them in digital safe, protected by a password. So if anyone borrows your phone or in the unfortunate event it is stolen, what is private remains private.

Huawei P Smart 2019 vault

Under Security & privacy click File safe and tap Enable. Enter a password and answer security questions and then you can start adding files.

Use the full screen – if you want

Avid movie users will notice the P Smart has what’s called a ‘notch’ at the top where the camera sits, eating into the screen real estate. It might not bother you, but on this phone you can hide it.

Remaining in the Display menu go to More display settings – Notch. Here you can choose to keep it, or hide it with a black bar across the screen.

Give the screen colours a boost

The P Smart has a glorious 6.1-inch screen with a high resolution of 2140x1080, which means it’s great for watching detailed movies and TV shows, you can also tweak the colour settings to suit your tastes.

In the Display menu, look for Colour mode and temperature, there are Normal and Vivid options to choose from, we liked Normal, but try them both and see what you think.

Huawei P Smart 2019 eye comfort mode

Make sure your eyes are comfortable

How many hours do you stare at your phone for? Screens emit a blue light and long-term use can cause tiredness. To counter this the P Smart includes an ‘Eye comfort mode’ which reduces some of the blue light, giving the screen a warm, yellowish tint instead.

Turn it on by going to Settings - Display - Eye comfort. You can choose to keep it on all the time, or set a schedule for it to turn on automatically, such as when you go to bed.

Want a digital detox? Manage your screen time

We all have those moments where we want a little time away from social media. The P Smart has a really useful feature called ‘Digital balance’ which lets you see how long you’ve been using your phone and set limits. If you are a parent you can use this as a form of parental control.

Huawei P Smart 2019 screen time

Go to Settings – Digital balance flick the switch next to Screen time management and you’ll be asked to select whether it’s you or your child’s phone.

There are three options: Screen time for setting the number of hours you can use the phone; App limits, for limiting time using specific apps like YouTube and Music, while Bedtime turns the screen grey so you aren’t interrupted when trying to sleep.

You can also set up a PIN so only can make changes to screen time management settings.

Take perfect portraits

The Huawei P Smart makes it easy for you to take great portraits. Both the 8-megapixel front-facing camera and 13-megapixel primary camera comes a dedicated Portrait mode that blurs the background.

Launch the camera and select Portrait, tap the icon on the bottom left that looks like circle in a rectangle to turn on Bokeh mode and the background will automatically be blurred.

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