Huawei P30 Lite tips and tricks

From setting up facial recognition to decluttering your home screen and getting a good night's sleep, discover some hidden features of the P30 Lite.

The Huawei P30 Lite offers great value for money while still packing in the kind of features that you’d expect from a flagship smartphone.

In this guide we’ll show you how to get your new phone up and running and even customise it to make it individual to you:

Keep your data secure with facial recognition

During setup you may have been prompted to set up fingerprint recognition, but the P30 Lite's biometric security also supports facial recognition using the front-facing camera.

One of the advantages of facial recognition is that you can unlock the phone simply by picking it up and looking into the camera.

To turn this on go to Settings, tap on Security and Privacy, then tap Face recognition. If you haven’t set up fingerprint recognition already you’ll be asked to create a four-digit passcode for your device. 

Once you’ve done that, tap Enrol Face and position the phone so that your face is clearly visible in the circular viewfinder on the display. For the best results, make sure you do this in a well-lit environment.

Declutter your home screen - hide the apps you don’t use

Huawei’s version of Android is incredibly versatile which means that there are loads of ways you can customise it to suit how you use your phone.

If you like things clean and minimalist, you can place your apps in an ‘App Drawer’ while keeping only the apps you use the most on your home screen.

This setting isn’t turned on by default but can easily be accessed by going to Settings and then tapping on Home screen & wallpaper. Now tap on Home screen style and select Drawer. A new button will appear at the bottom of your home screen, and this is where you can find all your apps.

To place an app up on your home screen simply open the drawerpress and hold on the app and the drag it to the place you want it to go. To remove an app just press and hold and select Remove.

Say ‘Cheese’ to take a picture

Taking group selfies using a self-timer really hasn’t got any easier despite the convenience of smartphone tech, and still largely involves one person precariously balancing the phone on a table or ledge, pressing the timer button and then legging it back to the group just in time to miss the photo.

One of the useful features hidden away in Huawei’s P30 Lite is the ability to remotely tell the phone to take a picture simply by saying the word ‘Cheese’.

To turn this on just open the camera and tap on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner. Now tap on Audio control and select Say Cheese to take photos.

Now whenever the camera app is open the phone will be listening out for the command. Of course you don’t have to have it on the whole time and can simply turn it on as and when you need it.

Be kind to your eyes with the display’s comfort mode

We know that using our phones too much in the evenings can disrupt what would otherwise be a good night’s sleep. That’s why the P30 Lite has a specially designed Eye Comfort mode which removes the disruptive blue light from your display and helps your eyes naturally adjust throughout the evening.

You can either turn it on as and when you need to or you can set a schedule so that the display automatically adjusts in the evenings and the early mornings.

To turn this mode on, tap on Settings and then tap on Display. Now tap Eye comfort and either turn it on manually or turn on Schedule and then set the times that you would like it to be active.

Depending on your preference you can also customise just how much blue light is removed by adjusting the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Navigate your phone using simple gestures

Huawei’s latest range of smartphones let you swap the traditional Back, Home and Apps buttons at the bottom of the screen for simple gestures so that you can intuitively whizz around the phone with ease.

Not only does this free up space on the phone’s display but for some it can become a much quicker way of navigating around the phone.

To give it a try, head to Settings and then tap on System. Now tap on System navigation and select Gestures at the top.

For a tutorial on how gestures work, simply tap Settings and you’ll be able to swipe through each of the gestures to see small animations showing how it works.


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